07 November 2016

A Tale of Two Turnovers

Philadelphia Eagles 23, New York Giants 28, Sunday, November 6, 2016

"But wait!" you say. "Didn't BOTH teams have two turnovers?"

They did, but Results May Vary.

Was hoping to get a pic of the pick, but this will have to do
Stud of the week: Jordan Hicks. It's been great to the see sophomore linebacker back on the field this year. He recorded five solo tackles, two assists, and a critical pick that gave the Birds a chance to win it at the end. It's not *his* fault they couldn't do anything with it. Shout out also to Nigel Bradham who was involved in TEN tackles. Even Troy and Joe, The Idiot Twins (who were commentating) were impressed. (And for Troy apologists, I refer you to BGN's weekly 10 Things post - be sure to read to the end.)

So about those turnovers: the G-men got two in the FIRST QUARTER and scored TDs off BOTH. The Birds answered with two of their own, but points? One three-and-out, one turnover on downs. Lots of other stuff went wrong, too, but that difference right there is huge in a game that was won by five points.

A few other thoughts:

Where have they been hiding Bryce Treggs? I get that he's a rookie and all, but he's the only receiver who seems to have any downfield speed. What's the holdup? Particularly when Nelson Agholor is the other option. Oh, and Jordan Matthews? A fade route is going to mean that the ball gets thrown OUTSIDE. I feel like I shouldn't have to be telling you this at this point in your career, but as the final Eagles offensive play of the game clearly showed, you haven't learned this yet. Consider yourself informed.

Can we ask Zach Ertz to retrace his steps so he can find his lost ability to break a single tackle?

Where did Wendell Smallwood go? I remember him playing well early in the season, but all of a sudden, Darren Sproles is the #1 back. Look, I love the guy, too, but he's 33. Making him the #1 back does not seem smart, at least to me.

Also, Dougie P, I like the idea of going for it on fourth down BUT NOT EARLY IN THE GAME WHEN YOU'RE LOOKING AT A NEAR-CERTAIN FIELD GOAL. TWICE. TAKE THE POINTS, SON. Do I need to remind you the Birds lost by 5?

As Tommy Lawlor puts it:
This is a really frustrating Eagles team right now.
Two things: I feel like I've heard that before, and you nailed it there, man. He also mentions that they either need to play more consistently with the existing roster or go ahead and keep playing erratically, but upgrade the talent. To quote him again:
...we have a solid group of players that makes costly mistakes and just isn’t good enough to overcome them.

Given that it's week 9, I don't know about you, but I'm voting for option 1 for now, and urging the Front Office to consider option 2 in the off season, aka, we're at the stage in the season where you gotta dance with the one whut brung you.

I am happy to see the NFC East return to former glory with the *worst* team in the division being at .500, but I'm not happy that that team is the Eagles. The way the Cowboys are playing right now, the division is out of reach, which after the Eagles' hot start is pretty disappointing. Ah well, on to the Falcons.

Finally, as I hope you're already aware, tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8, is election day. Voting is one of our most important rights and duties as citizens of a democratic republic. I urge ALL my readers, no matter who you plan to support, to exercise your right to vote. Not sure where to go? As long as you know your address, the League of Women Voters can hook you up with the details of your polling location, and the National Association of Secretaries of State can answer any questions you have about voting rules and requirements in your state (including WHEN the polls are open). VOTE! It's really, really important.

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