24 December 2015

2015 Week 16 Picks

Happy Holidays, y'all!

I know we're all not getting our number one wish this year - a Super Bowl win - but I'm hoping that the non-football parts of your year and celebrations have been good.

We're down to the last two games, both divisional. The Eagles, as we all know, "control their own destiny." Win out, and THEY get to lose a home playoff game to the Seahawks. Lose either one, and that NFC East wildcard round loss will happen in DC.

But first, the Birds themselves have to face the Washington football team, at home, night game, Boxing Day.

Can the Eagles pull off the win? I dearly hope so, but Washington has been playing a lot better lately. The two teams' defenses rank about mid-pack equal, but the DC offense is playing much better than Chip Kelly's boys, and that will likely make all the difference. That, and the fact that DC is gunning for only its fourth divisional title this millennium.

Sadly, I think I'm picking DC. So start thinking about your draft previews, people.

In the other matchups:

Chargers at Raiders: Raiders

Patriots at Jets: Pats

Texans at Titans: Texans

Browns at Chiefs: Chiefs

Colts at Dolphins: I think Dolphins, which is the same thing I said last week v the Chargers and I was wrong about that, so who knows?

49ers at Lions: Lions

Cowboys at Bills: Bills

Bears at Buccaneers: Bucs

Panthers at Falcons: Panthers. One more to go!

Steelers at Ravens: Steelers

Jaguars at Saints: Saints (even after Monday's game, I still believe...that they won't lose to my perennial whipping boy team)

Rams at Seahawks: The Seahawks will get it done to hold on to the #5 NFC playoff spot.

Packers at Cardinals: Cards

Giants at Vikings: I know Odell Beckham Jr. is benched this week, but the Giants are still fighting for their playoff lives, too, and Eli Manning seems to play best in dire situations. I know everyone has the Vikings, but I'm taking the Giants as my upset pick.

Bengals at Broncos: This is a tough one - the Bengals are guaranteed a playoff spot, but they don't have their division wrapped yet. The Broncos are still leading their division, but could easily slip behind the Chiefs or even out of the playoff picture entirely. Both teams have issues at QB, and the Bengals desperately need that first round bye if they hope to have Andy Dalton back for a playoff run. I think his team will deliver, and I'm *still* keeping the flame alive for a Bengals/Panthers Super Bowl. Bengals.

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