16 November 2015


Philadelphia Eagles 19, Miami Dolphins 20, Sunday, November 15, 2015

It was obviously Official Upset Sunday. Seriously, I'm at 6-7 going into MNF, which has me at my worst weekly pick record of the season regardless of what happens tonight, and I'm doing *better* than most of the experts. Why didn't someone warn me?

Stud of the week: Brent Celek. HUGE game from the veteran tight end. 4 for 134 and a long of 60.
Good to see a guy who's usually relied on to block lighting it up. For all the good it did. Not that that's Brent's fault.

The first quarter was great. The Dolphins scored a field goal, but then the Birds answered right back with a TD set up by Celek's 60 yard catch and run. On the next possession, the defense forced a safety, and then the Birds scored AGAIN, also set up by a long Celek catch and run.

And I'm thinking to myself: "We're finally going to have a win that's never in question, a game that's fun and relaxing to watch, and it looks like the fact that EVERYONE called the Birds isn't going to be the kiss of death for once this year."

Not so fast, Sparky.

First Caleb Sturgis killed us by missing a 32 yard field goal. THIRTY TWO YARDS!!! Did I mention that the margin of loss was ONE POINT?!?!?!

Then Donnie Jones killed us with a blocked punt (not entirely his fault).

Jason Kelce killed us all damn day. "That was the worst game of my entire career" indeed. Actually the entire O-line was killing us, culminating in Chris McCain killing us by knocking out Sam Bradford (both literally and figuratively), who was actually playing really well.

Miles Austin killed us by whiffing on a totally catchable long pass from Sam, by not dragging his toe on a sure TD, and by contributing to the final nail in the coffin (see below) because that end zone pick was at least partly on him.

Then Jarvis Landry killed us by making a miracle catch off a Connor Barwin batted pass in the middle of ALL THE EAGLES IN THE WORLD, including Vince Papale, Jaws, and ghost of Chuck Bednarik, and NONE of them came down with it.

Then Riley Cooper killed us by a freaking illegal shift penalty that took a Zach Ertz TD off the boards.

Finally, Mark Sanchez delivered the coup de grace, throwing (say it with me) a pick in the end zone on 2nd and goal with four minutes to go (MILES AUSTIN) and the Birds down BY ONLY ONE POINT.

Here's the real problem: the NFC East is terrible. Like, EPICALLY bad. Why is that a problem? Because in a normal year, Bleeding Green Nation could look at the 4-5 record and settle in for the final seven games, knowing that the playoffs were out of reach, so we could all just sit back, drink our beer, and enjoy the games in peace, regardless of the outcome.

This year? 7-9 could easily win this crappy division, which means the Birds are still alive, which means we all have to keep caring about whether they win or lose.

Seven more games to go.


Unknown said...

How do you expect to have a decent W-L record when you picked against the Skins this week? Just sayin.

But seriously, the Skins beat the Saints woeful defense. And the prior week if anyone could catch, they might have made a game out of it with the Pats. If the Skins can hang with the Panthers, they might actually be improving.

Note that I said "if."

Sorry, I digress. This is an Eagles blog.

Anonymous said...

OK, if DC wins the division, you're definitely going to have to talk me down off the ledge.

(Hint - entice me with a bottle of Eagle Rare 17 Bourbon. Virtually guaranteed to work.)

Debbie Phillips said...

I wanted to watch, I planned to watch, I forgot and went shopping with Court and Rachel. I guess I am glad I missed it. It was a sad, sad loss.