09 November 2015

Is It OK to Look Now?

Philadelphia Eagles 33, Dallas Cowboys 27, Sunday, November 8, 2015 

I have to be honest, I missed the end of regulation. When the officials called not ONE but TWO totally bogus defensive pass interference penalties on Byron Maxwell to keep the Cowboys' final drive going and send the game into overtime, I was so enraged, I thought I was going to stroke out, and I was exiled to the backyard to cool off. As I said at the time (well, once I'd calmed down): "It's one thing if the bad calls are going both ways. But when one team is CLEARLY benefitting, it's a problem."

[Side note: When it went to OT, Fellow Eagles Maniac remarked: "Byron Maxwell will probably get a PI call during the coin toss." I was seriously afraid she was going to be right.]

In the end, it all worked out, but not before I nearly set Chef Spouse's bestie's neighborhood on fire.

Stud of the game: Jordan Hicks. Who is making a strong case for defensive rookie of the year. He's had an amazing season so far, with last night's pick-6 and five tackles (and one assist) adding on to his already impressive season numbers. Hope that injury he sustained at the end of the game is just a bruise, because the Birds' resurgent D needs him.

Also, Jordan Matthews seems to have gotten over his dropsies. I don't know who threatened to trade him to the Jaguars during the bye week, but good job! Give that guy a cookie!

Also: Brandon Graham. TWO strip-sacks. Sadly, the Birds recovered neither, but that's not his fault.

Also: Caleb Sturgis. 53 yard field goal?!?!? WHUUUUTTTT??? Somebody's been eating his Wheaties. Or also got threatened with a trade to Jacksonville. Whatever - it's working.

Also: replacement o-linemen Lane Johnson and Dennis Kelly. Yes, the Cowboys' defense really is good, and yes, they were able to control both the pass rush (ONE sack on Sammy) and the LOS for the run (the Birds gained 173 yards on the ground, with several of those gains extending critical drives). I was really nervous about going into this game missing Jason Peters, and the backups stepped up in a BIG way.

Also: Sam Bradford. When the game went to OT, I was even more despondent, because I had no faith that Sam would get it done. I take it back. I was totally wrong, and Sam, I'm sorry I doubted you. You were clutch last night, all night, but particularly in OT. If this is true (and there's no reason to think it's not), THAT IS BALLER. Happy 28th Sam! (We'll talk about your need to play like this CONSISTENTLY later, after you've had a chance to enjoy your win.)

Two areas for Chip to improve on: I don't even know WTF was up at the end of the half, but whatever it was, it didn't work. And could you possibly try a different set of plays to start a game at some point, Chip? EVERYONE seems to know what's going to be called, and if I see one more 3-and-out to start the game, I think I'm going to have a coronary (at least Chef Spouse's CPR training is up to date).

Nothing else to say but: Ain't no Monday like a Beat Dallas Monday!.

Actually, there IS one more thing to say: everyone's seen the horrific photos of Nicole Holder by now. Greg Hardy is a violent criminal. The Cowboys organization should be ashamed that he's still on the field. And I *could* bitch about that all the live-long day or harass him on Twitter. Or I could follow WIP's lead and make a donation to their GoFundMe campaign to benefit the Genesis Women's Shelter in Dallas, TX. Which is what I've just done, and you should, too.

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Debbie Phillips said...

I watched much of the game including the end from 11:00 on... after my other shows ended. It was a good game with a GREAT ending. I was mad about those bogus calls too but had to be good because other people, who have to be at work EARLY on Monday, Nathan, and his Father/Chauffeur, were sleeping upstairs. It is really hard to watch a football game, especially Eagles vs. Dallas and be quiet!!