19 November 2015

2015 Week 11 Picks

This week, the Eagles host the 4-5 Buccaneers. Much like with the Dolphins last week, this *should* be a relatively easy win for the Birds. The Bucs have a rookie QB who has been inconsistent in the first half of the season (not surprising - that's what you get when you start a rookie). They give up a lot of points and a lot of yards. Even with Mark Sanchez under center, this should be an easy win.

On the other hand, Jameis Winston is playing a lot better recently, and the Birds seem to be making losing games they should win their thing this year.

Once again, pretty much all the experts have the Eagles, and I still believe (and *last* week was Official Upset Week Of The 2015 Season, right?), so I'm picking the Birds, but this team is so damn frustrating this year, pretty much no outcome would surprise me.

In the other matchups:

Titans at Jaguars: Pretty much everyone has the Jaguars, but I'm taking the Titans with the upset. Also, I'm REALLY glad I have PFunk tickets for tonight, because this is going to be the worst game of the week.

Raiders at Lions: Raiders

Colts at Falcons:  After a strong start, the Falcons have stumbled lately, but I still think they'll be able to take care of business at home. Falcons.

Jets at Texans: Both of these teams surprised me last week, Jets with a loss and Texans with a win (and then there were two - undefeated teams, that is). Will that happen again this week? Nah - Jets.

Broncos at Bears: Is the Peyton Manning era coming to an end? Is the guy who backs him up any good? Guess we'll start finding out Sunday, and lots of people are calling the Bears as a result, but the Broncos have been winning this year in spite of Peyton and thanks to their top-ranked D, and that hasn't changed. Broncos.

Rams at Ravens:  Nick Foles has been benched, never a good sign. The Rams should be able to win this one, particularly with the Ravens in some sort of a tailspin, but I think the Ravens will pull this one out at home. Although, again, probably *not* the game to watch in the 1 pm timeslot.

Cowboys at Dolphins: Will it be the triumphant return of Tony Romo? Well, he's supposed to be back, and amazingly, although it's highly unlikely the 2-7 Cowboys will make the playoffs, in the NFC (l)East this year, it's not impossible. While it would be REALLY helpful if the Dolphins could beat the Boys for us this week (it's the least they owe us after LAST week), I suspect the Return of the Romo will give the Boys a boost. Cowboys.

DC at Panthers: Panthers

Chiefs at Chargers: Chiefs

Packers at Vikings: ARodg is hurt, too. Rough year for QBs. I like the Vikings top-ranked D and Adrian Peterson's wheels to give them the win at home. Vikings.

49ers at Seahawks: Seahawks. A year ago, this would've been a good game.

Bengals at Cardinals: Now this WILL be a good game. Will the Bengals drop two in a row? I don't think so. Bengals.

Bills at Patriots: Pats

On bye: Browns, Giants, Saints, Steelers (and this is the end of the bye weeks)

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