22 October 2015

2015 Week 7 Picks

This week, the Eagles travel to Carolina to face the undefeated Panthers on Sunday Night Football. Two primetime games in a row. Again, guessing the NFL schedulers are wishing they could get a do-over on that one, particularly after the mess that was last week's game.

The Panthers are, in case you missed it, currently undefeated. They've had a softer schedule than the Eagles, but THEY'RE UNDEFEATED. Yeah, they have to lose sometime. Probably. But I don't think it's going to be this week.

I suspect it will be a close game. Both teams have top-ranked defenses, and I expect the Eagles D to be able to keep Cam and Greg Olsen in reasonable check. But the Panthers will not be as incompetent with all of Sam Bradford's giveaways as the Giants were. It's just not even possible. If he throws picks - and we have no reason to think he won't - the Panthers WILL take advantage of that.

I know I've been joking about picking the Eagles to lose so they win (AND IT'S WORKING, FWIW), but I really AM picking the Birds to lose this week.


In the rest of the matchups:

Seahawks at 49ers: Seahawks

Bills at Jaguars: Bills

Buccaneers at DC: I'm going with DC, but it's entirely on the strength of their defense, because speaking of picks, I give you KIRK COUSINS.

Falcons at Titans: Falcons

Saints at Colts: Colts

Lions at Vikings: Speaking of defense, Vikings

Steelers at Chiefs: The Steelers are out of quarterbacks. The Chiefs are out of a running game. Sadly, this might be the worst game  of the week. Steelers, again on the strength of their D. Which is good, because see above RE: quarterbacks.

Browns at Rams: Rams

Texans at Dolphins: Dolphins

Jets at Patriots: Jets. Upset pick. You just watch.

Raiders at Chargers: Raiders. Which may be another upset pick.

Cowboys at Giants: I was wrong. Two NFC East teams? THIS is the worst game of the week. I think the G-men got this. But you might want to hide your kids regardless.

Ravens at Cardinals: Cardinals

On bye: Bears, Bengals, Broncos, Packers

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