15 October 2015

2015 Week 6 Picks

Shaping up this week: another NFC East battle...well, maybe "battle" is a little strong. This is the NFC East we're talking about. Dustup? Slap fight?

Anyway, the Birds will be hosting the Giants on Monday Night Football. And the Birds are 2-3. And the Giants' most exciting player, Odell Beckham Jr., is injured. Bet the NFL schedulers wish they could get a do over on that one.

Could the Birds win? Of course. The Giants are IN THE NFC EAST, people.

But here's the thing: I've picked the Birds to beat the Falcons, the Cowboys, and DC. And they've lost all three. I've picked then to lose to the Jets and the Saints. And they won both.

Coincidence? Maybe.

But the Birds need all the help they can get at this point. So I'm picking them to lose.

(Trust me - this makes sense. In my head.)


In the rest of the matchups...

Falcons at Saints: oh my God, this is almost as painful as picking the Cowboys to beat the Eagles, but I really don't see how the Saints pull this one off. Falcons.

DC at Jets: Jets

Cardinals at Steelers: Much as I enjoyed seeing Mike Vick play well on Monday Night Football (even though I'd picked the Chargers), I don't think he can pull off miracles two weeks in a row. Cardinals.

Chiefs at Vikings: Alex Smith has already spent a substantial portion of the 2015 season lying on his back looking at the sky. That is only going to get worse now that the Chiefs running game has imploded just as badly as Jamal Charles's knee. Vikings.

Bengals at Bills: Bengals

Bears at Lions: I've got the Lions, but I suspect this will be a close game

Broncos at Browns: Broncos

Jaguars at Texans: Texans

Dolphins at Titans: Titans

Panthers at Seahawks: Panthers with the upset pick. Hey, they're coming off their bye, the Seahawks offensive line is a mess, and the Panthers are playing some SOLID D so far.

Chargers at Packers: Packers

Ravens at 49ers: Ravens

Patriots at Colts: Pats

On bye: Buccaneers, Cowboys, Raiders, Rams

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