08 October 2015

2015 Week 5 Picks

No game recap this past week, of course, because I was on vacation in Italy and thus didn't witness the most recent humiliation. I'm *still* in Italy enjoying la dolce vita as I write this so:

1. I'm currently exempt from kvetching about the mess that my team has become.

2. This will be brief, because I don't really feel like spending time I could be drinking wine and enjoying the scenery thinking about the 2015 NFL season, which is only going to make me angry at this point.

Do I think the Eagles can beat the Saints? Sure.

Do I think they're going to? Nope.


In the rest of the matchups:

Colts at Texans: Colts

Bears at Chiefs: Chiefs

Seahawks at Bengals: Bengals

DC at Falcons: Falcons (Who will, with this win, sweep the NFC East. Oh the humanity!)

Jaguars at Buccaneers: Bucs

Browns at Ravens:  Ravens

Rams at Packers: Packers

Bills at Titans: Bills

Cardinals at Lions: Cardinals

Patriots at Cowboys:  Patriots

Broncos at Raiders: Raiders (upset pick)

49ers at Giants: Giants

Steelers at Chargers: Chargers

On bye: Dolphins (who need to get their shit together on the coaching front, and is it just me, or is this the earliest major coaching shake up ever?), Jets, Panthers, Vikings

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