24 September 2015

2015 Week 3 Picks

Here we go again. The Eagles are 0-2. Several other teams are, surprisingly, 0-2 as well, including the Seahawks, Saints, Colts, and Ravens (plus the Giants, Bears, Lions, and Texans).

On the other hand, raise your hand if you think the Eagles could beat the Seahawks at this point...or the Ravens....or the Colts....


Tommy Lawlor is urging us not to panic - yet - and he's probably right - for now.

[Excuse me while I get myself a drink - it'll help with the whole "not panicking" plan.]

I don't feel good about this game. One, everyone's talking about how the Jets have never beat the Eagles. So jinx right there.

Second, the Jets defense remains excellent. Andrew Luck couldn't figure out the Jets defense last week (see above RE: 0-2). Sam Bradford, I think we can all agree, is no Andrew Luck.

Third, the Jets actually have offense at this point too, now that Rex Ryan left town and IK Enemkpali took out Geno Smith.

I'm picking the Jets. Sigh. 0-3, here we come.

In the rest of the matchups:

DC at Giants: DC shocked the hell out of a lot of people last week, including me, going back to old school ground and pound football of the famous Hogs era to pick up the win over the Rams. Can't really figure them out yet this year - nor can I figure out what is going on with the Giants, giving up fourth quarter leads in two consecutive weeks. I think I'm picking the Giants to win, because I can't imagine they'll go 0-3, which is ironic given that I've just predicted the Eagles will go to 0-3, but apparently, logic has left the building

Falcons at Cowboys: The Cowboys are down their #1 receiver and their starting QB. That didn't stop them from spanking the Eagles, but they will not get past the Falcons so hobbled. Falcons.

Colts at Titans: Speaking of teams that aren't going to go to 0-3, Colts.

Raiders at Browns: I *still* can't believe the Raiders beat the Ravens. I think I'm on the Black Hole Bandwagon, at least this week. Raiders.

Bengals at Ravens: Am I really picking the Ravens to go 0-3 with the Birds? Apparently I am, sticking with my pick to take the division this year, the Bengals.

Jaguars at Patriots: Pats. Also, ouch.

Saints at Panthers: More companions on the 0-3 train! Panthers.

Buccaneers at Texans: Everybody has the Texans, and I suppose I do, too, but I think maybe Jameis Winston figured out some things about the NFL last week, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a Bucs upset win, either.

Chargers at Vikings: Everyone has the Vikings, too, and I just don't see it. I think I'm going Chargers for my upset pick (having a hard time wrapping my head around the Chargers being an upset....)

Steelers at Rams: Steelers

49ers at Cardinals: Cards

Bills at Dolphins: Dolphins

Bears at Seahawks: Here's team that will *not* be on the 0-3 bus. Seahawks (What, you thought I was going to say "Bears?" Not a chance.)

Broncos at Lions: Broncos

Chiefs at Packers: Really want to pick the Chiefs, and if they were playing at Arrowhead, I probably would, but let's be real. Nobody beats the Pack at home. Packers.


Unknown said...

Why must you bring me to this blog only to dash my heart to pieces?

Unknown said...

And also this: http://www.theonion.com/graphic/strongsideweakside-chip-kelly-51383

Anonymous said...

HEE! (to both)