17 September 2015

2015 Week 2 Picks

Home opener for our Birds this week, against the hated Dallas Cowboys.

Several outlets are calling it a must-win game.

"How can that be?" you might be thinking. "It's only week two ,for chrissakes!"

Yeah, but Dallas won last week and, just in case you got blackout drunk in the first half Monday night and are just coming around, the Birds didn't.

I still firmly believe the NFC East is going to come down to these two teams this year because, come on, have you SEEN the rest of the division?

Dez Bryant is out with a broken foot, which is pretty damn lucky considering the fact that the Eagles' secondary remains a work in progress (at least we all hope it's progressing), despite Chip's best efforts to upgrade this offseason. Lots of people are already calling for Bill Davis's head, and while that seems premature after one game, that was one disappointing showing from the secondary. So they should consider Dez's absence a gift.

I feel like Sam Bradford and the receivers started to get in better synch in the second half of the loss in Atlanta, and I'm hopeful that that's carried into this week of practice. And Sam is now on his SECOND game back and it's not in prime time, so I also hope he's not as jumpy. The fact that the Cowboys are missing one of their key pass rushers (Greg Hardy) should help with that, too. Fingers crossed that Kiko Alonzo can cover Jason Witten, because as far as I can tell, he's most of what they have left on offense at this point. And of course, the Birds' sacks - or at least the QB pressure - need to pick up. Matt Ryan had all goddamn day last week.

Pretty much everyone has the Eagles, and I think that's reasonable. The Birds *are* at home, and they have to realize they can't fall two games behind Dallas already. That just WILL NOT do.

I think this will be a close game, but I also think the Ghost of Chuck Bednarik will help the Birds pull off the win.

In the rest of the matchups:

Broncos at Chiefs: Last night the NFL Network broke down last week's game footage of the Broncos win over the Ravens and pointed out that Peyton Manning had almost no completed passes over 10 yards. Don't say I didn't warn you that this year might be a changing of the guard in the AFC West. Chiefs.

Patriots at Bills: I'm taking the Bills to follow up last week's upset of the Colts with an upset of the Pats. Upset pick alert!

Texans at Panthers: Panthers

Cardinals at Bears: Cardinals

Chargers at Bengals: Bengals

Titans at Browns: Titans! Team of Destiny!

Lions at Vikings: Man, MNF killed me this week. SOOOO wrong about both picks. Not only was I wrong with the picks, I was WAY wrong about how the games played out. Will Adrian Peterson return to form? Probably, but I don't think this week. The Lions can put up points, and "grind it out on the ground" is not a winning strategy against them. Lions.

Buccaneers at Saints: Jameis Winston still hasn't proven that he can play, and the Saints are at home. Saints.

Falcons at Giants: Well, given what the Falcons showed last week, I'm going with the hot hands (Matt Ryan and Julio Jones) and picking them to go to 2-0, even if Eli doesn't have another poorly-timed brain fart.

49ers at Steelers: Steelers. Also, can someone please tell the 49ers never to wear their all black uniforms again? They're not quite as fugly as the Steelers bumblebee throwbacks, but almost.

Rams at DC: Rams. Think Jeff Fisher will troll by making all the draft picks the Rams got for RG3 co-captains again? Or has that joke gotten old? Yeah, I don't think so, either.

Dolphins at Jaguars: Oh, hapless Jags. At least the fans who still bother to show up can focus on the pool at your stadium to take their minds off the game. Dolphins.

Ravens at Raiders: Maybe somebody should get the Raiders a pool, too? Ravens.

Seahawks at Packers: The Seahawks have to win this game, and the Packers struggled more without Jordy Nelson last week than I thought they would. But they're still really damn hard to beat at home. Packers. And much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth in Seattle Monday morning (almost as much as will go down in Philly if the Birds lose).

Jets at Colts: Speaking of struggling, what the hell happened to the Colts last Sunday? They should thank the powers that be that they're facing the Jets this week rather than the Pats, which will give them a chance to right the ship. Colts.

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