10 September 2015

2015 Week 1 Picks

aka, Wild Ass Guesses, since pretty much everything is speculation at this point

(as opposed to later in the season, when my picks are HIGHLY SCIENTIFIC)

The Eagles kick off the road to Super Bowl 50 on the road against Atlanta on Monday Night Football, which is a good thing, since I'll be in Minneapolis leading a workshop for a client on Sunday. (Who schedules an all day workshop for NFL opening weekend? Seriously, people, it's a good thing I really like you all....)

From what I've heard, the Falcons' D isn't that great this year. Hell, even the Falconoholic calls them "arguably the worst defense in the NFL." Ouch. And if there's one thing the Eagles know how to do, it is, to quote The Chippah:

Apparently, their O-line isn't very strong, either. Against a defense that was third in recorded sacks last year and has probably gotten BETTER since 2014, that is also not a good sign for the Falcons. Or Matt Ryan. Somebody go ahead and book him a two hour massage for Tuesday morning now, before all the good slots are taken.

I think the 700 Level's prediction of a 52-24 blowout may be a tad optimistic (not that I'd be crying in my beer if they're right), but I really don't see how the Eagles lose this one.

Speaking of Wild Ass Guesses, in the rest of the matchups:

Steelers at Patriots: EVERYONE has the Pats, so I suppose I do, too. Not sure what to make of the Steelers this season (yet), and the Pats are at home, Brady will be playing, and I'm guessing they're pissed.

Packers at Bears: Packers. I *did* pick them to win the division.

Chiefs at Texans: Chiefs. Again on the picking a team to win the division, plus I think they're a better team overall, plus Andy Reid.

Browns at Jets: Is it too early for a Worst Game of the Week? Jets.

Colts at Bills: Colts. Although it will be interesting to see how LeSean McCoy performs now that he can set his own bedtime like a grown up. Because that whole sports science thing? Clearly bullshit, right?

Dolphins at DC: Dolphins. And expect DC fans to be crying to get RG3 (currently referred to on HogsHaven as "that bum") back by 4:10 pm Sunday.

Panthers at Jaguars: Panthers

Seahawks at Rams: Seahawks, although I think this might be a closer game than most people expect.

Saints at Cardinals: I've got both these teams winning their divisions (although the Saints mostly for sentimental reasons and because I have NO idea what's going on in the NFC South right now), but seeing as I'm thinking the Cards might be able to sneak the division out from under the Seahawks and I think we can all acknowledge that the NFC West is far stronger than the NFC South, gotta go with them at home.

Lions at Chargers: Chargers

Titans at Buccaneers: So this will be fun - matchup of the number 1 and number 2 picks in the 2015 draft, since according to the latest depth charts BOTH Mariota and Winston are starting. Coin flip on this one, so I'll go with the Titans because Chip wanted Mariota and I was just in Tennessee,

Bengals at Raiders: Bengals. The Raiders remain dreadful. Someone must've pranked them by telling them that the surest route to getting relocated to LA was to suck royally. Guys! Use your heads! Clearly the best way to get relocated is to pay off Roger Goodell and Mark Davis! Maybe you could hold a bake sale or something.

Ravens at Broncos:  Just about everyone has the Broncos, but I'm going with the Ravens, who I think are going to remain a tough team to beat this year. This is my official Crazy Pick.

Giants at Cowboys: Cowboys

Vikings at 49ers: EVERYONE has the Vikings. Have the 49ers really fallen that far that fast? Apparently yes. Vikings.

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