03 August 2015

It's Almost Time...

Training Camp is underway, the Eagles are just under two weeks from their first pre-season game, and the start of the 2015 regular season is a little over a month away.

Man, has it been a crazy off season.

Players cut, traded, or allowed to leave:

Nick Foles
Trent Cole
LeSean McCoy
Todd Herremans
Jeremy Maclin
Brandon Boykin
Evan Mathis
Cary Williams (good riddance)

Players picked up:

Kiko Alonso
San Bradford
DeMarco Murray
Walter Thurmond
Miles Austin
Tim Tebow
Byron Maxwell
Ryan Mathews

And I'm sure I'm missing some of the moves, because frankly, there was so much going on, it was hard to keep up. Plus Chip's pretty much boxed out Howie Roseman.
Aside from my natural distaste for signing former Cowboys, it seems fairly obvious that, after two 10-6 seasons (one playoff, one not), Chip decided it was time to completely overhaul the team. He's about to be proved either insane, or a genius, or, possibly, crazy like a fox.

However it turns out, it's certainly been an eventful offseason at the Nova Care Complex.

Is Chip a racist? I can't say - I don't know the man personally - but if your evidence is:

1. He traded a top African-American running back for a top Latino linebacker
2. He then picked up another top African-American running back
3. He then traded a white quarterback for a Native American quarterback (Cherokee) 

you may not have conclusively proved your case. What does seem fairly conclusive at this point is that Shady's kind of a dick.

Predictions for the Eagles' 2015 season are all over the place - 8-8, playing in the Super Bowl, bagging football to become a traveling circus...who knows at this point? I'm hopeful about winning the NFC East, mostly because the competition's still fairly weak. Either way, it should be a fun ride. Gotta bet big to win big, and Chip has. I hope it pays off for him.

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