30 December 2014

Annual Walk of Shame Post

My overall results for the year: 164-91

(no one got the tie)

Once again, Chef Spouse did not win his office pick 'em league. He was doing a cross between my picks and Jaws's picks, and invariably, when we disagreed, he chose wrong. Oops.

As usual, I was bested by some of the professionals, but not many. ESPN should totes hire me, amirite?

On to my pre-season playoff predictions:

AFC East

I had: Patriots
Actual winner: Patriots

This one was a gimme. The AFC East is almost as bad as, well, the AFC South.

AFC North

I had: Bengals
Actual winner: Steelers

I called them over the hill. Guess not.

AFC South

I had: Colts
Actual winner: Colts

Another gimme.

AFC West

I had: Chargers
Actual winner: Broncos

I figured Peyton Manning had to start to decline sometime. I was wrong.

AFC Wildcard

I had: Chiefs and Broncos
Actual: Ravens and Bengals

I was right about all the wildcard teams coming from the same division - I was just wrong about which division.

I had four of six teams correct (Pats, Colts, Bengals, Broncos), but not all in the right positions.

On to the NFC:

NFC East

I had: Eagles (winning and going down early in the playoffs)
Actual winner: Cowboys (F#$K!)

NFC North

I had: Packers
Actual winner: Packers


NFC South

I had: Saints
Actual winner: Panthers

In all fairness, no one has EVER repeated in the NFC South, so I think we all missed this one. Also, what happened to the Saints this year?

NFC West

I had: 49ers
Actual winner: Seahawks

It was fair to think Seahawks wouldn't repeat, but I really didn't see the 49ers blowing up the way they did.

NFC Wildcard

I had: Seahawks and Panthers
Actual: Cardinals and Lions

So I had three of six teams correct (Packers, Panthers, Seahawks) but again, mostly not in the correct positions.

And my team of destiny pick of the Bucs? They were destined, all right - destined to earn the #1 pick. You know how I'd said they'd be better than 4-12 this year? Yeah, not so much.

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