08 December 2014

A "Sh*tty Performance"

Eagles 14, Seahawks 24, Sunday, December 7, 2014 

Hey, I'm just quoting Chip. Don't shoot the messenger.

Stud of the game: Fletcher Cox, who kept Beast out of Mode pretty successfully for most of the
game. Actually, the entire defensive front seven played pretty well, doing everything in their power to keep the game close, but it just wasn't enough. Shout-out to Shady, too, for taking the #1 Eagles rusher spot ahead of Wilbert Montgomery. Shame it couldn't have been as part of a winning effort. It was a throwback day all around, with The Idiot Twins remarking that Fletcher looked like Reggie White out there. They weren't wrong - for once. Mychal Kendricks had a good game too - the D was on the field for a bajillion snaps, and he made about half a bajillion tackles.

As you may recall, I had picked the Seahawks to win this game. The Eagles are who I thought they were - good enough to get into the playoffs, likely via winning the NFC East, but a team not ready to take the next step. Which is what we saw Sunday.

The thing that's irritating is that this wasn't like the Green Bay game. That was just a blowout from the word go, so, as a fan you just kind of shrug, say "nobody beats Aaron Rodgers at home," and move on.

This game was totally winnable. Which in some ways is worse.

To me, it turned on three things:

1. The offense mostly couldn't get anything going, and as a result, the defense was on the field for approximately 59 minutes and 42 seconds of the game. Those guys are in great shape, don't get me wrong, but eventually they're going to wear down and make a mistake.

2. THE FUMBLE. Shady rarely fumbles, even though he can be a little loose with the football, but he picked a TERRIBLE time to have one of his uncharacteristic fumbles right at the beginning of the second half when it was still a three point game. All of a sudden, it was a 10 point game.

3. The inexplicable pass interference call on Bradley Fletcher. He screws up plenty - hell, that's pretty much the motto of the Eagles' defensive secondary, "We screw up plenty" - but he had position on Doug Baldwin and was playing the ball. How that was *DEFENSIVE* PI I still do not know, but again, that set up the Seahawks for an easy TD when it was *back* to a three point game mid-way through the third. And that was all, she wrote.

Lots of people are blaming Sanchez, and he wasn't exactly brilliant. But he wasn't getting much help either - multiple drops from receivers and some offensive line breakdowns. And the running game wasn't taking any pressure off of him, and the Birds REALLY need that with him under center.

And when did Malcolm Jenkins develop butterfingers? Strong early season, but man, I'm about to put his picture on the side of a milk carton. With Riley Cooper's on the other side.

So it pretty much all comes down to next week. Another big audience game against the Cowboys, this time in prime time on Sunday Night Football and in OUR house. Better be ready to bring it, Birds.

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