24 November 2014

Victory Monday!

Eagles 43, Titans 24, Sunday, November 23, 2014 

Helluva a lot better than "damn, we got WHUPPED" Monday like last week.

Stud of the week: Shady McCoy. First time this year. (Really? Just checked, and yes. Wow.) Even
though he pretty much didn't play at all in the fourth quarter (that I saw - hello, Chris Polk!), we saw 2013 like numbers: 21 carries for 130 yards and a TD. He was hitting the holes (there were holes to hit), he was successfully juking defenders (OK, the Titans run D is REALLY bad, but still), and he had a long run of 53 yards. Good to see you, man. Bleeding Green Nation has missed you.

Also, the Josh Huff redemption tour has officially started. Good kick off return, rookie. Now let's see if you can avoid saying anything stupid to reporters.

It's good to see The Linc maybe starting to become a place other teams fear to come. It's a long way from being Lambeau or the Superdome, but 10 home wins in a row ain't bad.  

The D played well. Other than the second quarter. Against a rookie QB. Not good enough to erase the mess that was last week, but still, it's something.

As is Connor Barwin's sack total. Did you notice that he's #2 in the NFL? Because I did.

#LOVEParkey missed a field goal, but it was from 49 and did hit the upright and had an unlucky bounce out rather than in. But I still love him. Also, SIX field goal attempts? Oh Red Zone Woes, why did you come back?

In other news, the Birds are running out of linebackers. And the secondary is still pretty sorry. What is up with Malcolm Jenkins? Where did he go? He can't go MIA. Because the rest of the secondary sucks.

And the Sanchize. Oh honey, I guess we're taking the good (that lovely TD pass to James Casey) with the bad (two picks, and while the Riley Cooper one was AT LEAST as much on Cooper as Sanchez, the one where Zach Ertz was targeted was just ugly). Not that I'm entirely certain the Birds would be better off with Nick Foles. I guess what I'm actually saying is that I'd love to have the QB situation settled. Think Andrew Luck is happy in Indy? Sigh.

On to Dallas!

BTW, Dallas sucks, in case you were wondering.

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