30 October 2014

2014 Week 9 Picks


The Texans game comes down to two people:  Arian Foster and JJ Watt. (Ryan Fitzpatrick who?)

If the Birds' run D can stop or at least limit Arian (and I think they can), and if the Chippah dials up a run-heavy game to limit JJ's pass rush (time will tell), the Birds win, no contest.

Dear God, Nick, can you please figure it out this week? Even if "figure it out" = "just hand off the goddamn ball to Shady, then Darren, then Chris Polk, then start over again with Shady."

Also, the team really needs the win.

Also, Jason Kelce might be back (THANK GOD AND THE SWEET BABY JESUS).

Also Earl Wolff might be starting in place of Nate Allen. Yes, that's probably an upgrade - not that the secondary really matters against the Texans (see above RE: Ryan Fitzpatrick).

Gotta go with (crossing my fingers) the Birds.

In the other matchups:

Saints at Panthers: OK, the Saints have been mortal even at home this year, but, even though he's not playing at his normal level, still, Drew Brees. Saints

Jaguars at Bengals: Bengals. Duh.

Buccaneers at Browns: Browns

Cardinals at Cowboys: Man, this is a tough one to call. Still, the Cards' run D is FOR REAL, the Cowboys' O basically = DeMarco Murray, and all the games the Cowboys have lost this year have been at home. And they're playing in Dallas. Cardinals.

Jets at Chiefs: So Michael Vick is starting for the Jets now, and I'm sure he'll be happy to see Andy Reid, which will likely be the only good thing about his day Sunday. Chiefs.

Chargers at Dolphins: Chargers

Washington at Vikings: RG3 is coming back. You may recall that Kirk Cousins was benched in favor of Colt McCoy last week, who went on to lead the upset win against the Cowboys in, of course, Dallas. Now partway through that game, Tony Romo went out with a back injury, and backup QB Brandon Weeden came in and played great. And Romo insisted on coming back, despite the fact that DC DC Jim Haslett was dialing up the blitz on, like, EVERY SINGLE PLAY, and Romo's mobility was clearly going to be limited. And the Cowboys lost. Maybe they should've stayed with the hot hand. Which is maybe what DC should be doing this week. Which is a long way of saying: Vikings.

Rams at 49ers: The 49ers are under-performing this year, but they aren't going to screw up this badly. 49ers.

Broncos at Patriots: Broncos. Heh. F Tom Brady.

Raiders at Seahawks: See above, about the 49ers. Seahawks.

Ravens at Steelers: Big Ben played AMAZEBALLS last week, and the Steelers are at home. But the Ravens are just better this year, across the board. Ravens.

Colts at Giants: Colts. Also, Monday night is looking good for catching up with American Horror Story: Freak Show, amirite?

DC - RG3 is back - go with the hot hand - Cowboys game

On bye: Bears, Bills, Falcons, Lions, Packers, Titans (wow - that's a lot)

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