22 September 2014

Body Bag Game, Part Deux

Eagles 37, Washington 34, Sunday, September 21, 2014 

This week was the monthly football party Chez Snark, so Fellow Eagles Maniac was here (along with a bunch of other peeps). She was calling for the crash cart by the end of the game. Meanwhile, I was watching in the living room because Oscar (he's a Washington fan) was here, too, and he was yelling so loud about Chris Parker's cheap shot, illegal hit (yes, Oscar, it was definitely illegal) on Nick Foles that I couldn't hear a damn thing. In short, it was a little tense up in this joint. Speaking of our boy Nick...

Stud of the week: Duh. Nick Foles. He may look like your 12-year old paperboy, but turns out, he's secretly Captain Badass. Or, as the Chippah put it: "one tough sucker." Apparently, after being (his words) "obliterated," when he could get back up and back in the game, he had one thing to say about it: "Let's make them pay for this." And pay they did. Because Nick Foles is a f-ing WARRIOR. He took shots all afternoon and didn't miss a play, even in Chip's uptempo offense.

And he's even a nice guy. Did you see that Jordan Matthews forgot to grab the ball from his first pro toudchdown, and Foles went back to collect it for him? Awwwww....

Speaking of Jordan Matthews, breakout game for the rookie. Which after two quiet weeks was good to see, since he was supposed to be at least part of the reason we weren't supposed to worry about DJax's departure.

Jeremy Maclin showed up to play, too. And it's about time, because see above.

Call me crazy, but I felt like Foles actually played a better game because he was under more pressure. I mean, by the end of the game, the offensive line was basically one guy who's so newly signed he doesn't even have a place to live yet, the equipment manager, one of the summer interns, the biggest guy they could find in the stands, and a cardboard cut out of Chuck Bednarik. Meanwhile, Nick had spent a significant portion of the game on his back looking up at the sky, trying to dig his liver out of his spine and remember how to breathe. And he still HIT IT

It looks like Jason Kelce's hurt for real, which is a BIG problem - did you see him keep up with JMac on that long run? (OK, yeah, he negated the play thanks to a dumb and unnecessary penalty, but how many centers can truck like that?)

I don't blame Jason Peters for getting himself bounced. I would've preferred that someone less important - like maybe Cary Williams? - taking the shot, but I know it makes me feel good that the team is having NONE of someone popping their QB illegally. And thankfully, while it's likely to be result in a big fine, no suspension.

Speaking of Cary Williams, quit yer whining. You played bad. Suck it up and quit blaming a coach that has been able to in-game adjust to losing nearly his entire offensive line AND outscore opposing teams about a MILLION to zero in the second half AND it is CLEAR the team is fresher in the second half than anyone they're facing. STFU, dude. Seriously. To quote Cris Carter on Monday Night Countdown: "People don't want to be good?"

Oh - somebody remind me to buy a cake for the Saints. Malcolm Jenkins? Darren Sproles? Thanks, y'all!

To get back to the o-line, if I hear one more person complain about how Shady "went AWOL" yesterday, I'm going to hit someone. He was playing behind a decimated line of guys who'd never even played with the #1s. Of course he had a rough day. You try running against a top rated defense (yes really - DC is #4 overall, #3 against the run, at least as of week 3) when there's no one to make some holes for you. Even when you only need teeny, tiny holes, you still need SOMEWHERE to run.

And finally: #LOVEParkey! That baby faced kicker is MONEY, as in TAKE IT TO THE BANK.

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