08 September 2014

A Tale of Two Halves

Eagles 34, Jaguars 17, Sunday, September 7, 2014 
For the first time in I don't even know how long, we had to cancel our season-opener football party because Chef Spouse had to work this weekend. Now, by Sunday, he was working from home, but he was still working. And this was for a client that is not, shall we say, his favorite. I was watching the game on the big screen in the woman cave. He was watching with the sound off on the small TV in the kitchen while he worked. His comment at half time: "You sound even more pissed at the Eagles than I am at [client's name redacted for assholery]."

Stud of the week: for a while there, it was looking like it would be "nobody." But I have to give it to
new Eagle Darren Sproles. While the team was stinking it up in the first half, he came out in the second half all "Don't worry y'all - I got you!" And then ran 49 yards for a TD on the Eagles first possession to get them on the board. FINALLY. Welcome to Philly, baby.

I have to give a pretty big shout-out to Nickfolesian Dynamite, too. He SUCKED in the first half. Pick and two sack fumbles leading directly to two TDs. I was having flash backs to that horrible game against Dallas last October. The boos as the team headed into the locker room at half time were DEAFENING. Even on TV. The entire team was playing like someone spiked their Gatorade with Xanax.

And he just shook it off. Like "whatevs, I'm cool."

It would have been easy for the team to get down after that awful first half. Allen Hurns was giving me visions of James Stark in the season opener in 2007. Foles - well, we've already talked about that. The receivers couldn't catch. The defenders couldn't defend. The coaches didn't have a good game plan against the Jaguars. THE JAGUARS. Evan Mathias went down. Lane Johnson replacement Allen Barbre went down. PICK IN THE ENDZONE. AAAARGGHHH! Did everyone have warm milk with breakfast rather than coffee?

The second half was...well, like I expected the first half to be.

Sproles scored. Ertz scored. Mac scored. Hell, even Fletcher Cox scored (love to see a fat boy lumber into the endzone). Donnie Jones was money. Brandon Boykin was money (of course). Cody Parkey's got a LEG. Connor Barwin was Captain "DENIED" with the batted passes.

It was like there was an entirely different team playing. I have visions of the Chippah's half time speech, "Did I mention that y'all could be PLAYING IN JACKSONVILLE TOMORROW if you don't shape up? Or even worse: you can follow DeSean to DC. I'll do it. Don't test me."

Yeah, if the Eagles play against a GOOD team like they did against the Jags in the first half, there will be no coming back. But they didn't cave or fall apart or mope or Manningface. They just came out and dd what they needed to do to get the expected win.

Oh - and all the McNabb agita? As I read it, all he said was that it's too early to know if Nick Foles is a franchise QB. He had an historic year last year, but we can't know yet if that was a fluke. And Big 5 is 100% right. But the stones Nick showed Sunday give me hope.

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