16 September 2014

A Luck-y Win

Eagles 30, Colts 27, Monday, September 15, 2014

(I totally stole that title from Tommy, but it was too apt not to re-use.)

Oh my God, y'all. If this continues, Chef Spouse is going to have to buy me a crash helmet. Could the Birds at least think about getting in the endzone in the first half of some game some day?

Stud of the week: Darren Sproles AGAIN. Damn - he's like a freakin' pinball out there. 152 yards
receiving, 178 total yards, touchdown, he's money, and he cost the Eagles one fifth round pick? Bargain of the century. All he does is be 4 feet of awesome. Seriously - that's him actual size over there -->

I also have to give a shout-out to rookie kicker Cody Parkey. When he missed that 38 yarder, ll I could think was "Great. We cut Alex Henery, only to sign...Alex Henery, but younger and blonde." But he pulled it together to kick the game winner - twice.

Also, Zach Ertz is going to inspire a new word for "awesome" - maybe "Ertz-some." I quote Jimmy Kempski:
Zach Ertz facts:
Zach Ertz's receptions this year: 26, 25, 26, 27, 14, 21, 24.
Zach Ertz leads the NFL in yards per catch (minimum three receptions).
Zach Ertz is tied with Julio Jones for the most receptions of 20+ yards.
Zach Ertz has as many 20+ yard receptions as 20 NFL teams.
Zach Ertz has seven receptions this season. All seven were either first downs or touchdowns.
Zach Ertz smells terrific.
I can't confirm that last one, but I'm willing to take Jimmy's word for it.

LeSean McCoy remains a perennially smiling work horse. I think he'd set himself the goal of a 2000 yard season, which may not happen, but he remains studly. The McCoy/Sproles combo is nearly unstoppable.

Sadly, not everyone was ballin' on Monday night.

Why is Nick Foles playing like someone spiked his Gatorade with Nyquil? On the up side, it seems to keep him really calm and able to shake off bad plays - or bad quarters - or even bad halves. So maybe it's intentional? Hmmm....

I'm beginning to remember why I wasn't heartbroken when Jeremy Maclin went down during training camp last year. Could he drop any more passes? Yeah, he's also had two TDs, but could he maybe NOT store his gloves in a jug of olive oil?

What happened to Riley Cooper? Is he even still playing for the Eagles?

Mychal Kendricks scared everyone to death when he went down - and then we saw Casey Matthews at linebacker and got REALLY freaked out. My 9 year old nephew Duce could kick his ass.

And on those final calls that would've set Trent Dilfer's hair on fire if he had any?

Brandon Boykin did NOT commit a penalty on the Malcolm Jenkins interception. BGN breaks it down in detail, but the tl;dr version is: five yards, mo-fos.

Now, the Eagles did get an extra 15 yards on the non-existent "horse collar" on McCoy on the Eagles' next to last drive. Then again, Fletcher Cox drew a fake horse collar last week, and we weren't crying in our beer (then again, again, the Eagles won both games).

But I have to say, when the Colts got the ball back with the score tied and about 3 1/2 minutes to go, I told Chef Spouse: "They're going to run out the clock and kick the game winning field goal in the final minutes." Only by "they," I meant "the Colts." Not sad to be wrong about that one. The Eagles' D has hardly been shut-down, but they came up big with that three-and-out when it mattered. And boy did it matter to the Colts. They haven't lost two games in a row in the Andrew Luck era, it was their home opener, they're expected to win the AFC South this year, and starting 0-2 is a bad sign. And the D came up with a big stop anyway.

Stop me if you've heard this one before, but if the Eagles could ever put together a full 60 minutes of football in all three phases of the game, they'd be nearly unstoppable. Then again, the team plays for a full 60 minutes, and you REALLY start to see that late in games, when other teams are gassed, and the Eagles are still fresh as daisies - OK, big, hulking, muscular, sweaty daisies, but you get my point.

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