26 September 2014

2014 Week 4

The week, our somewhat battered Eagles head to San Francisco to take on the 49ers.

Look I know the Eagles are 3-0, and the 49ers are 1-2. But there's 3-0 and then there's 3-0. Likewise, there's 1-2 and there's 1-2.

The 49ers lost the first game in their new stadium. That has to sting. And despite their second half collapses in the past three weeks, they are an excellent team. Undisciplined, but excellent.

The Eagles are operating with a patchwork-at-best offensive line. That's a problem for quarterback, Nick "Captain Badass" Foles, and for the running back combo we all hope, from week to week, will be explosive, LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles. Fletcher Cox and Mychal Kendricks are banged up. They're the best two players on D, in case you haven't been paying attention the past three weeks.

On the other hand, the Eagles keep finding a way to win. Even if the D is getting beat up. Even if the run game dies. Even if Nick has a bad day. I don't know how - apparently the Chippah is some sort of magician - but the team keeps winning. So far. But coming back in the second half against the Jaguars is not the same thing as coming back in the second half against the 49ers.

I think that probably ends this week. This is, I'm not kidding, a must-win for the 49ers. They cannot drop another game and hope to keep pace in their very tough division. And the Eagles historically don't do well traveling west. The odds are just not ever in the Eagles favor this week. I'd love to see our boys pull out another second-half comeback (which will definitely be the ONLY way they might win, since the Niners score all their points in the first half). Also, this weekend is You-Two-Calm-Down-or-I'm-Turning-Off-the-TV Dad's birthday, so an upset win would be a great present. But I don't think it's going to happen.


In the rest of the matchups:

Giants at Washington: I know these picks are coming out AFTER this game took place, and I'll admit I had Washington. You know I'm telling the truth, because I picked wrong (so did most of the experts). What happened, Kirk Cousins? Yikes.

Panthers at Ravens: Two in a row against the AFC North? That's not nearly as terrifying as it used to be, but I still think it's going to be tough on the Panthers. Ravens.

Packers at Bears: Da Bears are looking surprisingly good so far this year, and they're at home. I think that gives them the typical home team 3 point edge. Bears.

Bills at Texans: Just about everybody has the Texans, and I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

Titans at Colts: Colts, no contest.

Lions at Jets: Lions.

Dolphins at Raiders: Dolphins.

Buccaneers at Steelers: I'm not picking the damn Bucs anymore, unless they're playing someone even worse than they are. And I'm not even sure who that would be at this point. Some high school team? Curse you, pre-season predictions that fooled me into thinking they might be something this year! Steelers.

Jaguars at Chargers: Chargers.

Falcons at Vikings: Falcons.

Saints at Cowboys: The Saints have been mortal on the road this year (so far), but if the 49ers game was any indication, Jerryworld should feel, look, and sound like the Dome this weekend. Saints.

Patriots at Chiefs: Jaws has the Chiefs, which seems like crazy talk to me (no offense, Andy). Pats.

On bye: Bengals, Broncos, Browns, Cardinals, Rams, and Seahawks

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