18 September 2014

2014 Week 3 Picks

This week, the Eagles are hosting Washington.

As many of you know, I live in DC. This week's local DC sports media has been equal parts:
  • RG3 is a bum/the reincarnation of Akili Smith
  • Kirk Cousins is the reincarnation of Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, and Dan Marino all rolled into one
Slightly, but only slightly, exaggerated for comedic effect. We are not talking about a reality-based reality here.

Thing is, Kirk Cousins hung 41 points on the Jaguars. Who weren't expecting to face him. Let's all just calm down for a second, hm? He doesn't have the greatest record as the starter, y'all.

The Eagles are the better team, no contest. The Chippah is the better coach, no contest. The Eagles *should* win every divisional game this year. Nick Foles will pull his head out of his ass eventually, and it's conceivable the receivers might start, you know, RECEIVING at some point. But even if that week is not this week, they managed to play half asleep for a half and take down the Colts at home on Monday, so I have a pretty good feeling about this game. Sorry not sorry DJax.


In the other matchups

Buccaneers at Falcons: You know, before the season started, a lot of prognosticators had the Bucs picked to do really well - playoffs, maybe even win the division. This week? Literally no one has picked them. Except me. I know they're playing in Atlanta, and Matt Ryan looked like Tom Brady against the Saints two weeks ago. But last week, he looked like Tommy Tune (who was quite talented, don't get me wrong, but he's no NFL quarterback). Which I think is more accurate. And the Bucs have to win a game sometime, right? I AM NOT CRAZY (at least not for this reason). (And I'm getting back to this post when the game is already 28-0 in favor of the Falcons, and I'm sticking with my original pick. Because that's just honest.)

Chargers at Bills: The Bills are looking better (through two weeks) than I think anyone expected. but the Chargers just beat the Seahawks. Trap game? Nah - I think Phillip Rivers will be ready. Chargers.

Cowboys at Rams: Cowboys, goddamnit. The Rams are in trouble on the injury front.

Texans at Giants: Texans. The Giants are terrible this year.

Vikings at Saints: Saints. They may be struggling - unexpectedly - but they DO NOT lose at home.

Titans at Bengals: Bengals.

Ravens at Browns: This is much more interesting game than anyone expected it to be 2 months ago. The Ravens are kind of a mess, and the Browns beat the Saints last week. I really want to go with them...and I think I will. Despite the fact that Jaws disagrees with me.

Packers at Lions: The Pack.

 Colts at Jaguars: Colts. Another rough year for the Jags, who started their season by losing to two NFC East teams. In case you haven't been following along at home, the NFC East is TEH SUCK this year.

Raiders at Patriots: Raiders. SIKE! There is NO WAY the Patriots lose this game.

49ers at Cardinals: That loss to the Bears was rather surprising, but I don't see the 49ers getting caught out again. 49ers.

Broncos at Seahawks: You know, if they were playing in Denver, I think I would pick the Broncos. The team that loses learns more than the team that wins and all that. But they aren't. Speaking of team that don't lose at home...Seahawks.

Chiefs at Dolphins: Much as I love Andy Reid (and y'all know that), talk about getting bit by the injury bug. Dolphins.

Steelers at Panthers: Panthers.

Bears at Jets: Bears. Sorry you got picked up by such a shit team, Mike.

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