11 September 2014

2014 Week 2 Picks

Annual Stone Harbor edition!

Yes, Chef Spouse and I are at the beach on our annual trip with the fun bunch of pirates and miscreants we join here, but I would not leave you pick-less.

This week, the Eagles travel to Indianapolis to take on the Colts on Monday Night Football.

Both teams are coming off two good quarters of football: the Eagles' comeback was enough to get them past the Jaguars, while the Colts fell short against the Broncos. The Jags, you may note, are barely playing the same sport as the Broncos.

Can the Eagles beat the Colts? Sure - I think they probably *can* beat any time except the Seahawks who, at least after week 1, look legitimately like a juggernaut. But will they?

I'll tell you, the patchwork o-line is making me really nervous. So is the fact that Foles looked out of his depth in his first season opener as the starter. Going immediately to a road Monday Night Football game is not going to help with that. I would've much preferred to see the Cowboys come to Philly for a 1 pm game this week to help solidify his confidence. Then again, the Colts have problems, too, with Andrew Luck constantly running for his life (usually pretty successfully) and Robert Mathis done for the year, which means Nick should have a decent day - or at least a little time to think.

I see the teams as pretty evenly matched in level of skills and likelihood of success this year (get into the playoffs on the strength of a weak division, don't go that far), so to me that says go with the home team - and probably by 3.


In the other matchups:

Steelers at Ravens: Steelers. Distractions, distractions, distractions. You know, y'all could've done the right thing back over the summer and have moved on - as a team - by now.

Dolphins at Bills: The Dolphins surprised the Pats last week, and the Bills surprised the Bears (and me). Who gets it this week? Going with the Bills at home.

Lions at Panthers: Everyone seems high on the Lions after they beat the Giants - convincingly - last week. Then again, that was the Giants. They will NOT put up 35 on the Panthers, who I think are going to win this one.

Falcons at Bengals: Bengals. Speaking of not being able to put up 30+ points.

Saints at Browns: Saints. Who are going to take out their anger about their divisional loss last week on the hapless Cleveland team.

Patriots at Vikings: Speaking of taking out frustration about a loss, I also have the Pats this week.

Cardinals at Giants: Cardinals. The Giants are in a world of hurt this year.

Cowboys at Titans: Titans. Same thing on the Cowboys.

Jaguars at Washington: I don't think Washington will sleep on the Jags after last week's first half showing, and I think they'll be able to take them.

Seahawks at Chargers: Seahawks, see above RE: juggernaut.

Rams at Buccaneers: Bucs. This is looking like a tough year for the Rams.

Chiefs at Broncos: Would love to pick the Chiefs, but I just can't. I'm not that delusional about Andy Reid. Broncos.

Jets at Packers: Packers. They won't start 0-2.

Texans at Raiders: Texans. The Raiders remain really bad.

Bears at 49ers: 49ers. The Bears WILL start 0-2. But it's their own fault, because they should've beat the Bills last week.

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