01 January 2014

Annual Walk of Shame Post

It's time for the annual reckoning.

As a reminder, I post my predictions for the playoffs before the season starts each year - here's the link to the 2013 picks.

My overall weekly game picking results: 160-95 (of course we all missed out on that tie)

I was down this year, and was not good enough for Chef Spouse and I to place in his office pick 'em league, but I was equal to or better than several of the ESPN analysts, who are getting paid to do this.

On to my playoff picks:

AFC East 
I picked: Patriots
Actual winner: Patriots

AFC North
I picked: Ravens
Actual winner: Bengals

To be fair, I did have the Bengals for wildcard and pointed out that I thought it was likely the two would swap.

AFC South
I picked: Texans
Actual winner: Colts

I am not the only one who got fooled here, although again, I had the Colts for wildcard and thought the two might also flip.

AFC West
I picked: Broncos
Actual winner: Broncos

AFC Wildcard
I picked: see above, I had the Bengals (or Ravens) and Colts (or Texans) 
Actual winners: Chiefs and Chargers

AFC West dominates (well, other than the Raiders, of course)! Clearly I should've had more faith in Andy Reid.

So, although my placements were a little screwed up, I picked 4 of the 6 teams

NFC East
I picked: Redskins
Actual winner: EAGLES!

Totally not sorry to be wrong about this one, although I did know FOR SURE that there would be no Wildcard team from the East. Then again, EVERYONE knew that.

NFC North
I picked: Packers
Actual winner: Packers

Although if you'd asked me how I felt about this pick in November, I would've been inclined to recant. Fortunately, that's not an option, ARodg came back, and all is as it should be in the NFC North.

NFC South
I picked: Saints
Actual winner: Panthers

I did NOT see the Panthers coming this year. I knew Cam Newton would likely recover from his sophomore doldrums, but I never would have picked them to leap the Saints in a million years.

NFC West
I picked: Seahawks
Actual winner: Seahawks

NFC Wildcard
I picked: 49ers and Falcons 
Actual winners: 49ers and Saints

So again, although the placements were a little screwed up, I had 4 of the 6 teams in the playoffs (8 or 12 all together) and when I haven't picked the Eagles to make the playoffs and they do, I'm always happy to be proved wrong!

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