10 January 2014

2013 Divisional Weekend Picks

Yes, my team is out of it, but I'm still watching the playoffs religiously and picking the games, same.

Last week was a tough one - I got two (49ers and Colts) and missed two (Eagles and Bengals). Let's see if I can do any better this week.

Saints at Seahawks: Because of my love of the city and writing for Chicks in the Huddle (among other things), I have many New Orleanian Saints fan friends (most of whom were very nice after last week's loss). One of them in particular was chatting with me about the rest of the playoffs. I congratulated her on her team's win and pointed out that I didn't like their chances this week. Neither did she. Seahawks.

Colts at Patriots: The Colts have been really inconsistent, particularly since losing Reggie Wayne. The Pats are REALLY young and REALLY banged up. Tom Brady plays great football in the playoffs, and they're at home. I give the Pats the slight edge because of the Brady/Belichick/selling of their souls combo, homefield, and the fact that the weather's going to be for shit on Saturday and the Colts are a dome team.

49ers at Panthers: These two teams match up really well - hot, top 5 defenses, middle of the pack offenses led by quarterbacks who can be explosive and who can also do really dumb shit occasionally. So, if this year's playoff pattern holds, that means the game will end up 51-48.  Just about everybody has the 49ers, and I think I'm on the bandwagon, too, but I think it will be a close game.

Chargers at Broncos:  EVERYBODY has the Broncos. But I remember that the Chargers won in Denver a month ago, and I also remember that while Peyton Manning may be the greatest quarterback to ever play the position, he's not brilliant in the playoffs. I'm going with the Chargers in the upset.

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