23 December 2013

"We're From Philadelphia and We Fight"

Eagles 54, Bears 11, Sunday, December 22, 2013

Well that was unexpected.

A week after laying an egg in the Metrodome, the Eagles came out in a game that was, for them, meaningless (thanks to the Redskins who literally cannot do a single thing right this year), and utterly dismantled the Bears, who only had the NFC North title on the line.

Stud of the week: man are there a lot of candidates, but I think I'm going to have to go with my boy
Brandon Boykin who, after suffering a concussion last Sunday and missing most of practice this past week, came in and was his usual excellent self on special teams AND grabbed his first pick-six of the year. The points were kind of superfluous, but great game, BB!

Shout-out also to my boy Trent Cole with THREE sacks. After a rough switch to the 3-4, Trent's definitely been picking it up in the past several weeks. And to Shady, who's like 36 yards away from breaking Wilbert Montgomery's franchise rushing record, which has stood for 34 years.

Was this the first complete game we've seen the Eagles play this year? Maybe. They were firing on all cylinders. The defense completely shut down Matt Forte and one of the most effective wideout duos in the NFL in Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. They had the aforementioned pick-six. Cedric Thornton forced a safety. Bradley Fletcher forced Devin Hester to fumble a kickoff return (Devin Hester NEVER fumbles, seriously). Nick Foles was 21-25, and at least two of his incompletions were intentional toss-aways. Two running backs went over 100 yards. All three running backs scored touchdowns - Shady had two, in fact. Michael Vick came in in relief in the fourth quarter, was just looking to run out the clock with handoffs, and gave it to Bryce Brown, who romped 65 yards for a TD. Hell, Alex Henery even made a 49 yard field goal.

Now it all comes down to next week in Dallas in prime time, win or go home (see above RE: totally incompetent Redskins). Bring it. The NFC East crown is coming back to South Philly where it belongs.

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