16 December 2013

Well, THAT Sucked

Eagles 30, Vikings 48, Sunday, December 15, 2013 

Both Chef Spouse and I have managed to come down with horrible colds. Being sick during the holidays is an extra drag. Not only do you feel bad, but you miss things like holiday parties with your industry colleagues, your co-workers, longtime friends, and your fellow belly dancers. Boo! Loss of fun!

You know what's even more of a drag? Watching your team get blown out by a 3 (now 4) - 9 - 1 team WHILE coughing up a lung.

You know how I was all "no way this is a trap game"? Yeah, turns out I was wrong-wrong-wrong.

Stud of the week: DJax. 10 catches for nearly 200 yards and a TD (which would have been two other than Nicky's bad penalty). DJax is having an outstanding season. Yeah, yeah, sideline freakout, but that's part of the package with him. And Shady and Nicky are getting a lot of the press, and DJax just keeps showing up, playing great, and not trying to hog the spotlight, which is a rare thing in a wideout. Also, it cracks me up that after every play, he has to hitch up his pants. I've been to training camp, and yes, he really is that wee.

Shout out also to tight end Zach Ertz for the gorgeous endzone catch that brought the Eagles within 5, the closest they managed to get all game.

See? Gorgeous. Rookie's got a good future in Philly.

So who's at fault? Foles was not sharp, missing some open receivers and throwing another pick, and was still 30/48 for 428. Receivers dropped some balls. I have *no* idea why Shady got so few touches. The Vikings do NOT have a good rush defense. WTF?

But this isn't on the offense - scoring 30 points should be enough to win the game, even in 2013's offense-friendly world.

Let's talk D and special teams for a sec.

Special teams: I understand that Cordarelle Patterson is a playa, but squib kicking EVERY time? He's not Devin Hester, for chrissakes. And they were playing in a dome. If Alex Henery can't kick it through the end zone reliably inside a dome, the Eagles need a new kicker, stat. It felt like the Vikes were starting at the 40 all day long. That's a problem. One of the major contributors to the Eagles' recent success has been vastly improved special teams. Not this week.

Defense: OH. EM. GEE. Where do I start? 48 points? FORTY-EIGHT?!?!? To Matt Cassel and a team that was down to their third string running back and Greg Jennings? Every Vikings offensive possession should show up on ESPN's "C'mon Man!" spot this week, only they don't have that much time.

OK, sure, there was some bad officiating, too, but I'm not about to go all Bruce Arians on you and start pouting and crying into my beer. Good teams don't get undone by a few bad calls, and if they are, they aren't playing well. Which is exactly what happened yesterday.

Fortunately, the Eagles got a major gift when the Cowboys completely melted down against the Packers in the 4 pm slot. It's good to know that some things never change: I'll always bleed green, and Tony Romo will always play badly in December.

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