02 December 2013

Take THAT, Jaws!

Eagles 24, Cardinals 21, Sunday, December 1, 2013 

Why did I title the post that? Because, for maybe the first time in recorded history, Ron Jaworski picked AGAINST the Eagles. And he was WRONG WRONG WRONG! Ha! The home winning streak stands at 2, which is 100% more than the previous 1!

Stud of the week: Trent Cole, baby. He had a huge game. Forced fumble and two sacks, plus a couple of tackles. Trent Cole has long been one of my favorite Eagles, and he has not been having a great year, to the point that people are speculating that he won't be an Eagle next year. After the past two weeks, maybe not. One of three things happened: one, Trent's finally figured out the 3-4; two, he figures he's playing for his job, whether in Philly or elsewhere; or three, the Cards have a serious problem on their O-line. Regardless, good to see #58 playing to form again.

Shout out to the entire defense, though. They had an outstanding game, forcing three turnovers (two picks in addition to that fumble) and five sacks, and holding the Cardinals to 21 points. That's EIGHT games in a row holding the opposing team to 21 points or less.

Shout out also to DeSean Jackson for going over 1000 yards on the season in just 12 games.

Shady had a relatively quiet day, with only 79 yards. Then again, that was against one of the top run defenses in the league.

Speaking of, I'm starting to think Nick "Napoleon Dynamite" Foles might be the real deal. He has a monster game against the Raiders, and we're all like "whatevs - they suck." Then he reels off three more wins in a row, including over the Packers (OK, sure, QB problems, but they were playing AT LAMBEAU) and the Cards (heading into to the game 7-4 and on a red-hot four game winning streak). The Chipster seems to be all in.

Also, Donnie Jones should maybe run for president. He'd get at least two votes.

Also, Bruce Arians? There were bad calls that helped/hurt both teams. Maybe you shouldn't have run around last week talking smack about Chip Kelly, but now the sour grapes just make you look petty. The down-and-distance officiating error in the Redskins/Giants game was FAR more serious - and obvious - but you don't see Mike Shanahan acting like a big baby today, do you?

Looking ahead, the Eagles are neck-and-neck with the Cowboys, only the Cowboys hold the tiebreaker thanks to those two horrible weeks when the offense completely went to sleep against the Cowboys and Giants back in October. There will be no wildcard team from the NFC East this year. The Cowboys, facing the Bears, Packers, and Redskins, could easily win all three. The Eagles will have to win their next three games (Lions, Vikings, and Bears) to stay in contention. That would leave two 10-5 teams matching up with the divisional title on the line on Sunday, December 29. And given Tony Romo's history in games like that, I think the odds will be ever in the Eagles' favor. Go Birds!

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