12 December 2013

2013 Week 15 Picks

First place with three to go.

This week, the Eagles travel to Minnesota to take on the Vikings.

Yeah, I know, Matt Cassel, Adrian Peterson, dome, those noisy Viking horn-thingies, trap game, blah blah blah.

There's no way the Vikings win this game. Their scoring defense is second only to the Redskins...in suckitude.  While they'll put up some points themselves, no doubt, particularly if AP plays, I don't see them having any success shutting down the Eagles red-hot offense. In other words, if you have any Eagles offensive players on your fantasy team, play 'em. The Vikings are in the bottom 10 in rushing defense and the bottom three in passing defense. DJax and Riley Cooper are likely to have huge days, as is Nickfolesian Dynamite.  They're so epically bad, Jason Avant might even get his mojo back.

Eagles. Take that, Cowboys! (who are probably going to win, too, but the Eagles will STILL be one game up)

In the rest of the matchups....

Chargers at Broncos: SOOOO want to pick the Chargers as my upset pick, but I just...can't. Even without Wes Welker, the Broncos should roll right over the Chargers tonight.

Redskins at Falcons: And with their 3-10 record and the benching of their supposed-to-be-franchise QB, the Skins are once again the LOLSkins. The Falcons are terrible, too, but there's terrible and then there's TERRIBLE. Falcons.

Bears at Browns: The Browns almost shocked the Pats last week, but almost doesn't count except in horseshoes and hand grenades. The Bears shocked the hell out of the Cowboys last week, and Jay Cutler is back. Also, the Bears are right in the thick of the playoff hunt and the Browns are, realistically if not mathematically, out. I know they're on the road and all, but the Bears have this.

Texans at Colts: Speaking of teams that have been eliminated (and fired their head coach already), the Colts will have no trouble with the Redskins-level dysfunctional Texans.

Bills at Jaguars: The Jags have gotten a little streak here, and the Bills don't even have cold weather to help them. Jags.

Patriots at Dolphins: Losing Gronk is a big deal, but I'm sticking with Pats, who may have another narrow escape this week, but should come out with the win.

Seahawks at Giants: The Seahawks will not narrowly escape with a win - they're going to demolish the Giants.

49ers at Buccaneers: The 49ers need this game to keep pace with the Panthers for the wildcard, and they'll get it.

Jets at Panthers: See above, also, Panthers.

Chiefs at Raiders: Chiefs. I know divisional games can get wacky, but not that wacky.

Packers at Cowboys: Tony Romo tends to screw up, often badly, in December, but the Packers are still missing ARodg and the Cowboys are at home. It would really help the Eagles if the Packers pulled off the upset, but sadly, I don't see that happening.

Saints at Rams: The Rams are improved this year, and Saints aren't invincible on the road, but they'll be in a dome in cold weather and need this game to stay ahead of the Panthers. Which they will. Saints.

Cardinals at Titans: Cards, who are nipping at the 49ers' and Panthers' heels at this point.

Bengals at Steelers: The Bengals are leading an uncharacteristically weak AFC North this year. A win at Heinz Field in week 15 would be a statement. It's one they need to make, and one I think they will make.

Ravens at Lions: After last week, you KNOW the Lions are all "Dome Sweet Dome" this week, and I'm pretty sure that talking smack about Megatron being "old" is a bad way to go. I think they'll handle the Ravens at home.

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