05 December 2013

2013 Week 14 Picks

The Eagles enter the final push of a three game stretch against the NFC North and then the Cowboys with a home game against the Lions.

In the Eagles' favor: the weather. Sunday's supposed to be a mess, which is not going to favor a dome team. Also, Nick-folesian Dynamite. And Shady. And D-Jax. And Donnie Jones (don't under-estimate the value of field position on what's likely to be a sloppy day). And an improving defense. And snapping the homefield curse.

Then again, the Lions have Ndamukong Suh. And a top-ranked run defense. And Reggie Bush. And Calvin Johnson. Who is too tall for the Eagles' secondary to cover effectively.

Of course, the Lions are nothing if not inconsistent, and Matthew Stafford can be rattled into mistakes. Which the Eagles really, really need to do to have a shot. Which is not going to be easy. Neither will shutting down Megatron.

I *want* the Eagles to win. And the Eagles need the win to keep pace with the Cowboys, who will (spoiler alert) almost definitely beat the Bears on MNF this week. But I *think* the Lions will win.

As I look around at the experts (ESPN, SportsBlog Nation, Bleacher Report), it's pretty evenly divided.

I gotta go with my heart on this one - Eagles. (Plus, Jaws is back on the bandwagon, and that has to be good, right?)

In the rest of the matchups:

Texans at Jaguars: I had the goddamn Texans, who have become my new pick Kryptonite. (My old pick Kryptonite was the Jets.) At least Gary Kubiak got fired after last night's mess, so my schaden is all nice and freude-y today. It's one thing to lose - it's another thing to look like idiots doing so.

Vikings at Ravens: The Ravens seem to have remembered that they're the defending Super Bowl champs recently, and the Vikings...have Adrian Peterson. Which will not be enough. Ravens.

Colts at Bengals: I've got the Bengals at home. The Colts are MISSING Reggie Wayne, big time. They're lucky the Texans have completely imploded.

Falcons at Packers: ARodg is still out, but I don't think it's going to matter, because the Falcons are terrible this year. I have heard, though, that if they don't win this week, they're shutting ARodg down for 2013. That's not really a great way to motivate Scott Tolzien, but again, I doubt will really matter, because, well, the Falcons. Packers.

Browns at Patriots: Pats. Nothing to see here.

Raiders at Jets: Speaking of my former Krpytonite pick - RAIDERS.

Dolphins at Steelers: Really want to go with the Fins here, but again, the weather is going to be awful on Sunday and I think the Dolphins are going to have trouble at Heinz Field. Steelers.

Bills at Buccaneers: Bills.  Upset pick.

Chiefs at Redskins: Big Red will sweep the NFC East. Chiefs. Totally not upset pick at all.

Titans at Broncos: The Broncos cannot be beat at home. Broncos.

Rams at Cardinals: Cards.

Giants at Chargers: Chargers.

Seahawks at 49ers: You know, if your front office has to send a letter to your fans to explain to them how to properly support your team at home, that is NOT a good sign.  Seahawks. Who are scary good at this point, in case you hadn't noticed.

Panthers at Saints: The Panthers are also impressively good, but the Saints' fan need NO instruction on how to support the team. Saints, with the homefield (things might look pretty different in two weeks).

Cowboys at Bears: You already know this one - Cowboys. Damn it. 

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