04 November 2013

Total Domination

Eagles 49, Raiders, 20, Sunday, November 3, 2013

Who knew Nick Foles decided to go as Peyton Manning for Halloween, and then, just like in Buffy
"You're awesome!" "No, YOU'RE awesome!"
the Vampire Slayer
season 2, episode 6, "Halloween," he turned into his costume?

Stud of the week: uh, Nick Foles. Career day. Literally. Tied the NFL record for TD passes (with 7 others) and no picks (with only 2 others). Only QB ever to throw for 7 TDs AND end the game with a perfect passer rating. It was bananas. He had more TDs than incomplete passes. You know how watching Shady is often like watching Madden? Watching Foles was EXACTLY like watching Madden. Who knew that getting a concussion would turn out to be a GOOD thing? (Joking.) (Except maybe not.) (Riley Cooper had a good day, too.)

OK, I know: Raiders, right? Only they have a top 10 defense. Or they did until yesterday, anyway. I'm pretty sure they're still picking the shattered remains of their defense out of the San Francisco Bay. EVERY commentator picked the Raiders to win - well, other than Jaws, and he may not be 100% objective.

The Eagles scored 49 points - IN THREE QUARTERS. Their first punt didn't even come until late in the second quarter. The entire fourth quarter was junk time, with the starters hanging out on the sideline congratulating each other and fantasy football owners all over the land - and Michael Vick - weeping quietly into their beer. I think we've probably seen the end of Michael Vick as an Eagle.

And the defense played well, too. They were helped by Darren McFadden's hamstring injury, no doubt, but they didn't let Terrelle Pryor run (or pass) totally wild, either. 

So where does this leave the Eagles? Foles has been great against the Bucs and the Raiders. He was lousy against the Cowboys. Is he The Guy?

Quoting Tommy Lawlor:
No Eagles player did anything today that made your jaw hit the floor. There were no circus catches or highlight runs. Players got open. Foles got them the ball.  
And, as Tommy points out, that's a good thing. Nobody did anything really special - they all just did their jobs, and did them well. The questions is: can Foles do it consistently? I don't want to see 0 points one week and 49 the next. I want to see 25 points a game. Because if the offense can do that, the Eagles will win a lot of games, with the D holding teams to 21 points or less since the Broncos debacle.

Also: Go road games! Will the Eagles EVER win at home again? Next home game is the Redskins on Nov. 17 - keep your fingers crossed.

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