11 November 2013

It's Only Weird If It Doesn't Work

Eagles 27, Packers 13, Sunday, November 10, 2013 

Chef Spouse and I were at the Delaware shore with Life-Long Eagles Fan Mom and You-Two-Calm-Down-Or-I'm-Turning-Off-the-TV Dad celebrating Dad's recent retirement this week. One of the things that's fun about being in Eagles Country during the football season is that there's a lot more good Eagles merch to choose from - we got bupkes here in DC. Before we headed home on Saturday, Chef Spouse had swung by a local store in Fenwick, DE that was advertised as a hardware store - and it was, you could buy tools there - but they had amazing sports merch, including lots of Eagles gear.

Now here's another thing you need to know. Since I started my own business a little over a year ago, I work at home most of the time. In the summer, that means I can go days without putting on shoes. In the winter, that means there's a premium on warm socks. I now have an extensive and growing wardrobe of warm, fuzzy, crazy socks.

So Chef Spouse is in Fenwick Trustworthy Hardware, and he sees several pairs of awesome Eagles fuzzy socks. Which are now mine. One pair of which I wore on Sunday when, even without ARodg, few thought the Eagles could win. And they won.

I think I now have a pair of lucky socks.

Stud of the week: DeMeco Ryans had a beast of a day, but I think I have to go with Vinny Curry. Why, you ask? Well, he also had a pretty good day, with 3 tackles, 1 assist, and 1 monster sack that was legal and still managed to nearly decapitate Scott Tolzien. But the reason he wins is this:

GIF from FTW

Jimmy Kempski is right: this totally needs to be Curry's new sack dance.

Nick Foles is playing well. He didn't play perfectly like he did against the Raiders, but he played well enough to win, including making plays under pressure, something he was unable to do against the Cowboys on October 20. Sure, there were plenty of times I was yelling: "Do something! Do anything!" while he held onto the ball and, I don't know, filed his nails or something, but other than the early sack fumble and taking one sack that knocked the Iggles out of field goal range, there wasn't anything disastrous as a result.

The run game? 9:32 is all you need to know - that's the length of the drive the Eagles had to run out the clock and seal the win at the end of the game. Oh, one other number: 155. That's the yardage Shady racked up Sunday. Even after going basically MIA for basically a month, he's still leading the NFL in rushing yards.

Another number for you? 55. The yards DJax got on that tipped pass he showed incredible concentration in catching.

And another? 102. Riley Cooper's yards from only THREE catches that also resulted in TWO TDs. Jeremy Maclin who?

Defense? They're actually playing better. Even though the personnel was acquired for 4-3/wide 9, they seem to be adapting - finally - to 3-4, which, as Bleacher Report notes, makes it a lot harder for a QB to figure out what the D is up to pre-snap.

Special teams? I know it was windy and cold on Sunday, but if you can't count on your kicker to make a 39 yard field goal, you may need a new kicker. But the punt coverage has been vastly improved this year.

Officiating? It was off, but I don't think it unfairly benefited either team.

I know, I know - the Eagles got lucky with Aaron Rodgers out, Seneca Wallace going down at the very beginning of the game, and Clay Matthews unable to use his right hand. But it's never easy to go into Lambeau and get a win, and that's just what the boys in midnight green on Sunday, taking them back to .500 and tied with the Cowboys for the lead in their very weak division. I'll take it.

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