22 November 2013

2013 Week 12 Picks

The Eagles are on bye this week, and that's one more thing to be thankful for, since it seems like about half the team has shown up on the injury report lately. The boys in green will have an extra week to rest up, heal up, and eat lots of turkey with their families and friends.

In the meantime, week 12 rages on. My picks this week include:

Saints at Falcons: I know the game already took place, but I promise you, I did have the Saints, who almost gave me heart failure when I got home in time to see the end of the 4th quarter. As bad as the Falcons are this year, and as good as the Saints are, it was pretty shocking to see the Falcons with a chance to win it at the end. But divisional rivalries are like that.

Jets at Ravens: The Jets are due a win, given their pattern this year. Unfortunately for them, the Ravens defense seems to have pulled it together lately, they're playing at home, and they have to be pissed after losing in that mess of a game to the Bears last week in overtime. Ravens.

Steelers at Browns: Like a bear coming out of hibernation, the Steelers seemed to wake up and remember that they're, you know, the Steelers last week. This week should reinforce that. Steelers.

Buccaneers at Lions: The Lions are inconsistent as hell, and the Bucs are consistent: consistently bad. Lions.

Vikings at Packers: Will Scott Tolzien get his first win as Packers (temporary) starting quarterback? Yep. Facing the worst defense in the NFL should make for a much nicer day for him than he's enjoyed in his last two NFC East outings.

Jaguars at Texans: Texans. Also, Worst Game of the Week.

Chargers at Chiefs: The Chiefs should get the winning train back on track at home against the Chargers this week.

Panthers at Dolphins: I'm going with Cam Newton and the Panthers' shut-down D.

Bears at Rams: Look for Josh McCown to make it two and keep the Bears neck and neck with the Lions.

Colts at Cardinals: The Cards need this one to try to keep pace with the 49ers, but I don't think they'll be able to take down the well-balanced Colts this week. Colts.

Titans at Raiders: Titans. Also, another lousy game.

Cowboys at Giants: Just about everyone has the G-men, who are on a hot streak right now, and they will be playing at home. Thing is, the Cowboys are coming off the bye and are, objectively, a better team. I think I gotta go Cowboys.

Broncos at Patriots: Just about everyone has the Broncos, particularly after their tough divisional win over the Chiefs last week. Thing is, Brady has pretty much always had the upper hand in the Manning/Brady face off, and the Pats are at home. (I do realize I didn't find that persuasive with the Giants above. Hey, I'm a mystery wrapped in an enigma.) I'm taking the Pats in the upset.

49ers at Redskins: No upset here. 49ers.

On bye: Bengals, Bills, Seahawks, and, of course, the Eagles

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