15 November 2013

2013 Week 11 Picks

This week, the Eagles host the Redskins at the Linc.

The Eagles are on a two game winning streak with a resurgent Nick Foles under center. The Redskins are reeling from a puzzling loss to the dreadful Vikings. Both teams have suspect defenses and rely heavily and successfully on the run. Both teams score a lot of points and give up a lot of points...although the Redskins give up more, an average of about a TD more. The Redskins special teams are historically terrible, and the Eagles are actually a lot better than in recent years. RGIII has been erratic this year, throwing a lot of picks even as his knee appears to be healing. Foles has been the model of consistency, as long as we ignore his outing in Dallas.

I'd be feeling really good about this game, if they were playing here in DC. But they aren't.

I'm saying it again, and I hope it's not a jinx: the Eagles have to win at home again sometime. No time like the present, particularly with the Cowboys on bye and the opportunity to take the lead in the division. I'll be wearing my lucky socks, and Fellow Eagles Fanatic is going to be at the game. That has to be good luck right?

Eagles. By a TD. 

In the rest of the matchups, I see a lot of close games taking place this weekend:

Colts at Titans: Yes, I know it was last night, but I had called the Titans and I'm woman enough to admit it. If the officiating hadn't been so bad, I would've been right, too.

Jets at Bills: This one's almost a push. I've got the Jets, but this one could go either way.

Ravens at Bears: Same as above, and I've got the Ravens. Josh McCown? C'mon man!

(Hm - is picking the two road teams in games that are likely to be close a good idea? Maybe not...)

Browns at Bengals: I think Andy Dalton will pull his head out of his ass this week and get the Bengals back on track.

Raiders at Texans: The Texans have been absolutely puzzling this year. Their defense doesn't give up much in the way of yards, but they give up a TON of points. Their offense is good, but has trouble getting in the end zone. Terrelle Pryor still seems to be hobbled. I'm going with the Texans, and I hope they don't burn me (again).

Cardinals at Jaguars: The Jags surprised everyone (including themselves) last week with their win over the Titans, but it was a fluke. They're terrible. I could throw to Fitz and get a Cardinals win.

Lions at Steelers: The Steel Curtain has rusted, and there is no way they stop Megatron and Reggie Bush. I know I keep writing that about teams, but I also keep being right. Lions.

Falcons at Buccaneers: SOOOO tempted to go with the Bucs and the upset pick, but I still think the Falcons are marginally better.

Chargers at Dolphins: Chargers.

49ers at Saints: Saints at home? Take that bet.

Packers at Giants: A lot of the experts are picking the Giants and Scott Tolzein is not Aaron Rodgers (as Eagles fans know from last week). But the Giants, despite their impressive three game wining streak, are just not that good. Gotta go with the Pack to get back on track Sunday.

Vikings at Seahawks: Speaking of home field advantage, Seahakws. Duh.

Chiefs at Broncos: GAME OF THE WEEK! (Yes, I'm shouting - this is going to be AWESOME!) I am going with the upset here and picking Andy Reid's post-bye week good karma and the Chiefs' ability to pick off QBs (and top defenses can rattle Peyton) and run the kind of long drives that will keep him off the field. If it turns into a shoot-out, they're dead meat, because they're packing a butter knife.

Patriots at Panthers: So want to pick the Panthers' hot defense here, but it's Tom f-ing Brady. Sigh. Pats.

On bye: Cowboys, Rams

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