07 November 2013

2013 Week 10 Picks

Were you watching Monday Night Football? Did you see how Aaron Rodgers got hurt, and then John McCown led the Bears to the upset win?

Is it just me, or did this game suddenly get a lot more interesting?

Up until about 9 pm Monday night, I was SURE the Eagles had NO chance this week. I mean, road game, so that's in their favor, but c'mon! The Packers! At Lambeau!

Nick Foles will NOT have another game like last week, maybe ever. But the Packers are dealing with a boatload of injuries and are having a hard time defending the pass. I expect Foles to have another good game, and I don't have a ton of confidence in Seneca Wallace. I'd love to call an upset win, in fact, I almost did, but I just can't see the Eagles making up that big a gap. It could become a shoot out, but the Pack is WAY better on D than our Birds. I'd love for them to prove me wrong, but I've got the Pack at home.

In the other matchups, we're going quick picks because we're at the beach celebrating You-Two-Calm-Down-Or-I'm-Turning-Off-The-TV Dad's recent retirement, and he wants to get outta here and get some lobstah:

Redskins at Vikings: No better way to get your mojo back than against the Vikings. Redskins.

Seahawks at Falcons: No 12th man, but the Falcons are a mess this year. Seahawks.

Bengals at Ravens: Remember how I picked the Bengals to go to the playoffs this year? Looking pretty smart, huh? Well, except for that part where I said the Ravens would win the AFC North. Because they won't, nor will they win this game. Bengals.

Lions at Bears: I know Jay Cutler's coming back and all, but the Bears defense is not what it once was and it's not going to be enough to hold off Reggie Bush AND Megatron. Lions.

Rams at Colts. Colts. No comment. Move along.

Raiders at Giants: Pretty much everyone has the Giants. They are at home, they're coming off the bye, and the Raiders did get whupped by our Iggles last week. But the Raiders are objectively the better team and remember, prior to Folesanity, they had a top ranked defense. I give them the edge this week. Raiders.

Bills at Steelers: They aren't the Steelers of old, but they are at home and the Bills are still on the QB carousel, which is starting to spin so fast it's going to make everyone nauseated soon. Steelers.

Jaguars at Titans: The Jags will not go 0-16. They will, however, go 0-9. Titans.

Panthers at 49ers: I'm going with the nearly-universal pick of the 49ers, but I think this game is going to be a lot closer than most people think.

Texans at Cardinals: The Texans I was expecting to see all season showed up last week. Can they do it again? I think so, plus you know they're going to be motivated to win one for Gary Kubiak. Texans.

Broncos at Chargers: Yeah, I know, divisional away game, anything can happen, yackity-smackity. But I know one thing that can't happen - the Chargers can't beat the Broncos.

Cowboys at Saints: The Jets shocked them last week, but you know how the Saints are unbeatable at home? Yeah, that. Saints.

Dolphins at Buccaneers: Bet on it - the Bucs win their first game this week.

On bye: Browns, Chiefs, Jets, Patriots

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