14 October 2013

Let's Make It Two!

Eagles 31, Buccaneers 20, Sunday, October 13, 2013 

Two in row! Winning streak! At .500!

And I think I figured out the key to Eagles wins in 2013:  they just have to only play teams that have no wins yet. That shouldn't be *too* hard, right? There are a whole...three teams with no wins! And the Eagles get to play...one of them! Woo?

Stud of the week: Did you know that the Eagles have a guy named Riley Cooper at wideout? I can understand if you didn't, because, as Jimmy Kempski points out, in weeks 1-5, Riley had 8 catches for 93 yards and 1 TD. Yesterday, he had 4 catches for 120 yards and a TD. Two of his catch and runs were for more than 40 yards. Where has that guy been for the past month? And can we keep him?

Honorable mentions go to DJax for his two TDs, and to Shady for 171 total yards and for putting the game away for the Eagles, eating up nearly 5 1/2 minutes with a series of runs that resulted in the field goal that put the game out of the Bucs' reach.

Nick Foles had quite a good game too - not flashy, but efficient. And he even had a touchdown run! Well, OK, amble. He's not exactly zippy. Then again, no picks or turnovers and a QB rating of 133.3. Not too shabby, there, Nick.

As usual, the black cloud was the defense. They didn't exactly make rookie Mike Glennon look like Peyton Manning, but they also made him look a lot better than third round guy who wasn't even supposed to play this year (much) starting his second pro game without one of his top receivers has any right to look.

Then again, the Bucs defense is pretty well ranked, and they not only couldn't stop the Eagles, they committed the cardinal sin of jumping offsides on fourth and short when they HAD to know it was coming. And it was when the Eagles were trying to put the game away. You know, normally, the Eagles have been on the OTHER side of that equation, committing the boneheaded penalty that makes loyal fans stomp out of the room muttering under our breath.

Speaking of penalties, did you notice how FEW the Eagles racked up? Only 3 for 31 yards! Is it just me, or do the Birds seem to be doing better there this year? Let's go to the tape:

v. Giants - 8 penalties for 88 yards. OK, that's not so good.
v. Broncos - 8 for 62. Better.
v. Chiefs - 9 for 65
v. Chargers - 9 for 77
v. Redskins - 8 for 65

OK, not exactly historically low numbers, but better than last year for sure. Step one to being a better team: stop making so many damn mistakes. Maybe someone's been thinking about that?

Oh and Revis? DJax was right - you can't run with him. Sorry, homes (not really).

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