07 October 2013

Finally a Win!

Eagles 36, Giants 21, Sunday, October 6, 2013 

Not only did the Eagles manage a win Sunday, they're now officially leading the sorry-ass NFC East...with a losing record. This is definitely karmic payback for all the smack I talked about the NFC West in 2010. The Eagles are the best of the worst (at least temporarily)! Yay?

Stud of the week: Brandon Boykin, who circus-caught one of the most beautiful picks I've ever seen, wrestling the ball away from the much larger Victor Cruz, who he was tasked with covering all day (and did quite a good job on).  To quote BGN, it was "badass." Yes, it was. (Oh, and Victor? It's not PI every single time you fail to make a catch. Get over it.)

The game was overall sloppy. And the officiating was terrible, but it was evenly terrible. The zebras totally muffed Cedric Thornton's safety on David Wilson. Then they gave LeSean McCoy a catch that was clearly NOT a catch and cost the Giants two timeouts. They missed hits to the head on both Eli Manning and Mike Vick. They hit Brandon Boykin with a fair catch interference penalty when he never touched Rueben Randle. They missed obvious blocks in the back by both teams on punt and kick off returns. Bad all around. Replacement ref bad.

The big story for Eagles fans is Michael Vick going down with the hammy. Anyone else flash on DMac tearing his ACL running out of bounds against the Titans in November of 2006?  Then Nick Foles came in and did good! QB controversy? Hell if I know, but I will say that, recent evidence perhaps to the contrary, I think Vick gives the Eagles the best chance to win...when he's healthy. Which he's not at the moment, and may not be for a while. Show us what you've got, Foles (and, perhaps, Barkley).

You know who didn't do good after Vick went down? Shady. That's a problem. Also Jason Avant, Mr. Hands, actually missed some catches. That is NOT normal.

But it was a weird day. Brent Celek made a GREAT TD catch, which has NOT been the case so far this year, and Pat Shurmur dialed up a fade route in the back of the endzone to a guy who's four feet tall...AND IT WORKED. And Alex Henery, who I have not been high on, was 5 for 5 on field goals.

Then again, the Giants are so decimated by injury they've had to get a oil change for their cart, so a win against them is not saying much. And Eli Manning is a mess this year. Trying to do too much - maybe he and Tony Romo can start a support group.

Then again again, the Eagles could go on a hot streak, facing teams in October who are currently 0-4 (Bucs), 2-3 and BEHIND THEM IN THE DIVISION (Cowboys), and the Giants again. Which would be nice, but doesn't mean, even if they manage to win the shitty NFC East this year, that they're going anywhere in the playoffs.

Still, win, so: good.

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