03 October 2013

2013 Week 5 Picks

The 1-3 Eagles travel to Jersey to take on the 0-4 Giants. Well, if this isn't the battle of the pee-wees, I don't know what is. The Eagles beat a 1-2 team, and lost to a 2-2 team...and two 4-0 teams. The Giants lost to those same two 4-0 teams (pattern here?), plus a 2-2 team and a 1-2 team. Hey, at least the Eagles *beat* our 1-2 team.

I know the Giants are desperate for a win, but Eli Manning is struggling big time this year and the Giants have definitely been bitten by the injury bug.  I see this game as a bit of a gut check for our boys in midnight green. Right now, even though the team is not playing well and is making a lot of mistakes, the locker room still seems (from the outside at least) to be fairly united in support of the new coaches and new schemes. They start losing to bad teams, that could come to a screeching halt.

No game this year is the "for their season" game, since the Eagles are NOT going to the post-season, but if they can't beat a bad team, I think the wheels come off the bus before they even get off the Jersey turnpike.

Gotta go Eagles, but it's partially driven by hope that this year isn't yet another clusterf&ck.

In the other matchups:

Bills at Browns: I know the game has already started, but I've got the Browns. Everyone thought they'd thrown in the towel when they traded Trent Richardson, and then they went at beat the Vikings (meh) and the Bengals (hmmmm). Of course, just as I type that Brian Hoyer goes down. Moving on...

Saints at Bears: Geaux Saints! Drew Brees is nearly as unstoppable as Peyton Manning this year, and Rex Ryan's defense has Who Dat Nation saying, "Gregg who? Williams what?"

Patriots at Bengals: The Bengals defense is strong this year, but Tom Brady is, I think, stronger. Also, I think the Bengals aren't going to do a good enough job shutting him down to let their somewhat anemic offense keep up.

Lions at Packers: Lions. Upset pick, sure, but they're also looking good this year. Witness the power of David Akers! (Actually, there may be something to that - things are NOT going well for the 49ers now and the Eagles last decent season was 2010, after which they cut him. Coincidence?) Edited to add: Wait! Calvin Johnson is OUT?!? Screw that - Packers.

Seahawks at Colts: The Seahawks defense is stronger, the Colts offense is stronger, but they're playing inside in Indy and without Seattle's famed 12th man, which favors the home team. Colts.

Ravens at Dolphins: I know the Ravens seem to be in a downward spiral, but I have to think their still pretty decent defense and new found commitment to feeding Ray Rice the rock have got to pull them out of it, at least for a week.

Jaguars at Rams: Another battle of pee-wees, and would be the Worst Game of the Week were it not for Eagles/Giants. Going homer with the Rams, but really, meh.

Chiefs at Titans: Will Big Red make it 5-0? Bet on it.

Panthers at Cardinals: Teams are pretty evenly matched, but I think the Panthers will benefit from coming off the bye to get to .500.

Broncos at Cowboys: It's the Cowboys week to get spanked. Broncos.

Texans at 49ers: Texans. The 49ers offense is sputtering this year, and the Texans top ranked D is going to stop them cold.

Chargers at Raiders: Chargers. Which I will not be staying up to watch at 11:30 at night on Sunday. Yikes.

Jets at Falcons: Another upset pick? Yep. My money's on the Jets D.

On bye: Bucaneers, Redskins, Steelers, Vikings

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