20 September 2013

As I Was Saying...

Eagles 16, Chiefs 26, Thursday, September 19, 2013 

Turnovers, to quote BGN, are not good. And boy howdy, was last night NOT good. Five, if I counted correctly. It was like, "We don't want the ball. No really, we insist - you take it. Please." all night long.

Stud of the week: Jason Avant, Mr. Hands, who not only got in the end zone for the first time since 2011 and made at least one key tackle (that I recall) on yet another Vick pick, but accomplished a truly impressive circus catch, tipping an uncatchable ball back to himself and coming down with it.

We had a week in which the D progressed (5 sacks, at least covering some of the receivers some of the time), while the  O and special teams regressed back to 2012. Picks, Jason Kelce snapping the ball into his own ass, fumbles, muffed punts, missed field goals - we had it all, if by "all" you mean "every single thing you would not want to see you team do ALL in one football game."

And speaking of, what the hell is wrong with Alex Henery? He's missed two totally makeable field goals in the past two games, neither of which was a blow out (in other words, in times when those three points would have mattered). Makes me highly nostalgic for David Akers, as does his tackling technique, or lack thereof.

Other things about last night that sucked:

Michael Vick staring down receivers in the pocket, which may have (totally did) contributed to his two picks. And have I ever mentioned how much I wish the Eagles could have gotten Eric Berry in the 2010 draft? I know he was gone long before the Eagles picked, but we have had no answer at safety since Wolverine. Ah, BDawk, how I miss you, too.

Andy Reid on the visitors' sideline in red. I know it was time, and I'm sorry, but I loved the guy, and that just hurt.

Riley Cooper. You know, when the other team is blanketing DJax, someone has to step up. And by "someone" I mean you, Riley. Jeremy Maclin is not coming to save you. Pull it together, man.

Chip Kelly. Random two point conversion. WTF?

But possibly the worst moment of the evening was Shady going down clutching his shin and/or ankle. To quote Chef Spouse:

Fortunately, it appears to have been a false alarm.

Two more notes. One, we were watching the game from a sports bar in NOLA, so the sound was a little funky, but the halftime ceremony retiring #5 seemed awkward. Quoting a tweet I saw: "Weirdos gotta be weird." And that certainly was the case with Donovan. Still, he was the best QB in Eagles history - and that's not opinion, that's fact - and I'm well pleased that the team retired his number. It's an honor he absolutely earned. Even if the retirement ceremony was as uncomfortable as talking to your parents about your sex life.

Finally, we have one hope to hold on to. Quoting Tommy Lawlor: "Just how bad is the NFC East this year? Teams are 0-7 in non-division games. Yikes. Good news…we’re still in the hunt for the title. First team to 9 wins gets the crown."

Ouch. Also, helpful. Also, I might have to take back all the smack I talked about the NFC West a few years ago.

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