19 September 2013

2013 Week 3 Picks

Big night for the Eagles. Retiring #5, Andy Reid is back in town, the team's on a 7 game home losing streak.

On the one hand, the Eagles offense is still smokin' hot. Part of that is because they've faced the Redskins and the Chargers. The Chiefs are not the Redskins or the Chargers. In fact, although it's early on, their defense is looking outstanding.

In the meantime, Alex Smith is still the guy who got benched for Colin Kaepernick last year - competent, but hardly explosive. Then again, the Chiefs are playing smart, disciplined football on either side of the ball (kind of like the Eagles used to do in Andy's early years in Philly).

I think this game comes down to the fact that, even with a new look offense, Andy Reid and his coaching staff know these guys. And Chip, Bill, Pat, and Dave don't know the Chiefs players nearly as well.

Pains me to say it on such a big night, but I've got the Chiefs.

In the rest of the matchups:

Texans at Ravens - Both of these teams are struggling more than I expected them to so far, but I give the edge to the Texans, who are at least playing reasonably well on both sides of the ball.

Giants at Panthers - I've got the Giants, who are desperate for a win at this point.

Packers and Bengals - Call me crazy, but I'm going with the Bengals. I think they'll have good success shutting down the Packers high powered offense.

Rams at Cowboys - I have the Rams. The Cowboys are playing like there's liquid Xanax in the cooler rather than Gatorade.

Browns at Vikings - The Browns are looking pretty good on D so far, and they did just trade for Trent Richardson to shore up their run game, but they are NOT good at stopping the run. You know what the Vikings are really good at? Running. I think that gives them the edge.
 Buccaneers at Patriots - The Pats are struggling, too, but they still have Tom Brady, and I think that will make the difference.

Cardinals at Saints - If they were playing in Arizona, maybe. But they're at the Superdome, so I'm going Saints.

Chargers at Titans - This is an interesting matchup. The Chargers are as strong on offense as the Titans are on defense. But the Titans can't score, and the Chargers can't defend. If the Bolts can give Philip Rivers another week of a clean pocket, I think they have this one.

Lions at Redskins - This is a must-win game for the Skins. If they get lucky and Reggie Bush can't go, maybe. But I don't see them shutting down Megatron, and I think the Lions can do enough on D to slow down a still-shaky RGIII. Lions.
 Falcons at Dolphins - I'm going with the Falcons, but this one is, I think, going to be a much closer game than most people might think, with both Matt Ryan and Ryan Tannehill going to the air a lot.

Bills at Jets - I think the Jets will make it two in a row with a divisional matchup at home.

Jaguars at Seahawks - That's not even fair. Poor Jags. Proverbial snowball's chance in hell. Seahawks.

Colts at 49ers - 49ers, who, I'm sure, are royally pissed after losing to the Seahawks last week.

Bears at Steelers - Jay Cutler seems to have finally managed his emotional issues (at least for now), while, as Steely McMeow advised, Ben Roethlisberger should refuse to play for the rest of the season and just forfeit the money, because he's going to get killed out there. Bears.

Raiders at Broncos - Speaking of not fair, at least I'll have my Monday night free, since I'm not wasting 3+ hours on this mess. Broncos.

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