29 August 2013

Preseason Game 3: Two Thoughts

Eagles 31, Jaguars 24, Saturday, August 24, 2013

I'm not going to do a full game recap since it took so long for the game to broadcast - and me to have time to watch it - here in DC. For a detailed review, check out Iggles Blitz. For a more brief review, check out Bleeding Green Nation.

Observation One: Tommy Lawlor says not to panic, and I respect Tommy, but the biggest thing I took
Imaginary post-pick dialogue: "Srsly, Mike. WTF?"
away from the game was, "Bad Mike is back ALREADY?" Actually, of course, it's not Bad Mike - it's Inconsistent Mike Who Occasionally Makes Head-Smackingly Bad Decisions (Dude, why are you trying to throw the ball away WHILE JUMPING?!?!), which is, in some ways, worse. If he was just Bad Mike, the Chipster could just be all, "Whoops! First time head coaching in the pros here. I *meant* to say Nick Foles is the Philadelphia Eagles' starting quarterback for the 2013 season. My bad." I'm not panicking, Tommy. Really. Deep breaths.

Observation Two: I need to get to work on my annual preseason playoff predictions post, and I have NO idea what to say about the NFC East. I don't think RGIII is 100%, and I think there's a better than even chance Shanny throws away the 'Skins future getting him back on the field too quick, the preseason has not been kind to the Giants from an injury perspective, the Cowboys...no. Just no. And the Eagles are not going to be good this year. Maybe in the future, but not now. It's a puzzlement. 

28 August 2013

Preseason Game 2: What Did We Learn?

Eagles 14, Panthers 9, Thursday, August 15, 2013

We learned:
  • The offense can put up points, regardless of who's playing.
  • Nick Foles starts every game with a #smh Keystone Kops type flub (Week 1: strip sack. Week 2: throwing a pick in the endzone. I shudder to think what will happen next week). Fortunately, he seems able to shake it off.
  • The very mention of "special teams" will no longer send Eagles fans into a rage fog. We'll be able to watch kickoffs and punts and returns without large quantities of shots and/or wanting to repeatedly smash our heads into the coffee table.
  • The defense looks better (where do you have to go from the bottom but up?). On the one hand, they were playing the Panthers, but on the other hand, they shut down Cam Newton pretty effectively. Then again, we don't yet know if 2013 Cam will be freshman Cam or sophomore Cam. So that might not be that impressive a feat.
  • Shady is full of win. Well, we already knew that, of course, but it's nice to be reminded.
  • Lane Johnson is looking like a wise use of that #4 pick. We'll see if that assessment holds up once defenses get more tricky.

Brandon Boykin may be my new favorite Eagle (see above RE: special teams).

Felix Jones is going to be cut. Mark my words. Good riddance, Cowboy (never liked him).

Remember Vick's end of half Hail Mary pick? Remember how DJax tackled Panthers' cornerback Josh Norman? That was some bad-ass shit from a guy who's not much bigger than me. Also, Josh, you should be embarrassed. Srsly.

Edited to add: thought I posted this a week ago. Apparently, Blogger doesn't agree. Sigh. Sorry it's late. Recap of game 3 coming later today (took me a while to be able to get/see a recording here in DC).

12 August 2013

Thoughts on Pre-Season Game 1

Friday, August 9, 2013

Eagles 22 - Patriots 31

Regardless of who you're rooting for in the QB competition, both Vick and Foles looked sharp in their first outings of the 2013 season. Vick opened with a quick "looks like the Eagles we know & love" TD drive that featured a long pass to my boy Jason Avant and a beautiful TD to DeSean (-->) that gives me hope that we'll see the return of 2009 DeSean rather than 2011 DeSean.

Foles got off to a rough start with the strip sack, but came back strong with efficient TD drive of his own, capped off with a nice short pass to Bryce Brown.

Matt Barkley, well, looks like a rookie. Nothing to see here (yet). Move along.

Of course new HC Chip Kelly didn't open up the playbook, but we did see quite a bit of his no huddle hand signal style. I'm wondering/hoping that that will be a major benefit in some of the noisier enemy stadiums later this season.

It's possible special teams won't be the typical disaster this year. Well, as long as Jon Dorenbos's concussion isn't too serious and he can play. Brent Celek should never attempt to long snap again as long as he lives, so help him God.

The defense. Oh my. Can we go back to talking about the offense? No? It was pretty sad. Tom Brady and all, but the Patriots have pretty much an entirely new offense other than Brady, and he tore up our secondary even with a bunch of nOObs. Ouch. Work in progress, work in progress, work in progress. I hope.