26 July 2013

2013 Season Football Party Schedule

It's July, the Eagles are at training camp, and it's time for me to start gearing up for the 2013 season!

First order of business: when will the monthly football parties be in 2013?

Sunday, September 8

Although the Eagles don't start their season until week one's Monday Night Football matchup with the Redskins, we'll host our first party on opening day. (And please, don't even start with me about the Thursday night game on September 5. The NFL is just doing that to piss me off.)

Sunday, October 20

October is a big month for the Birds, with three divisional games. I'm opting for hosting the day they play the Cowboys at home.

Sunday, November 17

The Eagles will be hosting the Redskins in their second matchup of the season.

Sunday, December 1

This will also be the date of the Spark holiday party/annual pre-ASAE Technology Conference football party. The Eagles will play the Cardinals, and we'll be hosting a lot of out-of-towners.

As usual, we'll be ready for you any time after noon on game day. I'll post the game viewing schedule and menu in advance, so you can choose appropriately for what you'd like to contribute. Not sure what to bring? Booze is always appreciated.

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