22 October 2012

Change is A-Comin'

And not just for the Eagles.

Don't worry - Snarkin' will still be here.

But I have to dial back my football obsession just a bit.

So each week, I will still pick the upcoming games. It provides me a weekly opportunity to make an ass of myself, in addition to my annual making-an-ass-of-myself preseason playoff picks post.

And I'll still recap the Eagles game (assuming it's not the bye week).

And I may make a few scattered comments about other games, although that's most likely with the other NFC East teams.

But I'm not going to be recapping ALL the games anymore. Aside from having to devote Monday evening, Thursday evening, and the entire day Sunday to watching in a focused way, it also requires a number of hours every week with the NFL Network and SportsCenter.

And nobody's paying me for this.

Plus that way, I can devote my full resources and snark and ire and vocabulary of swear words to the Eagles and only the Eagles.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Funny, the talking head bloviators at ESPN etc get paid, and they're far less enteraining and also less knowledgable than you are. - Jack, not logging in until the election is over.