04 September 2012

Preseason Picks, Hot Off the Electrons

Because, I mean, really, what's hot off the presses these days that's not a dying industry?

You know the drill. I make preseason picks right before the season starts based on scant information, then in January, I check back and rank on myself for doing a bad job. Fun for the whole family.

AFC East

Patriots, not so much because they're great. I mean, they still have Tom Brady and all, but the cast of characters around him is looking a little thin these days. But the rest of the division is terrible. The Bills? They were 6-10 last year, which could earn them the #2 spot in the division this year. Yep, it's that bad. The Jets? Well, they now have TWO quarterbacks who can't play the position. The Dolphins? I'm starting to think that being featured on Hard Knocks is like the Madden Curse, only worse.

AFC North

Ravens. Most of the pieces are still in place from last year, the Steelers are still an aging team, last year for the Bengals was a fluke, and the Browns? They're still the Browns.

AFC South

Texans. Again, most of the pieces are still in place from last year, and I think they get at least one more year to make something happen before Andrew Luck figures out the pro game.

AFC West

I think the Chargers step up again this year. I know most people are picking the Broncos, but I don't think Peyton Manning is going to last long. I didn't think he'd ever play football again after the neck surgery, and he's sure as hell not used to getting hit. Ever. Welcome to the NFL, buddy.

AFC Wildcard

Raiders and Steelers. The Steelers may be old, but they're not dead. And the Raiders? I have a good feeling, based on zero evidence. Also, the AFC competition isn't exactly brutal this year.

NFC East

It's going to come down to the Giants and the Eagles for sure. The Cowboys remain punks, and, while the Skins may be on a upswing, they're at the very start of it this year. I have to go with my boys, of course, but I wouldn't be shocked to see both teams in the postseason.

NFC North

Lions. Which is probably crazy, given that the Packers play in this division, but I always have to have one wacky pick. No, it wasn't the Raiders to make the playoffs. OK, maybe I have TWO wacky picks this year. Then again, everyone thought I was nuts for picking the Texans last year. Hey, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

NFC South

Falcons. I think the Panthers will do well, too, thanks to Cam, but there are still too many missing pieces in Carolina. The Saints are battling adversity - it's adversity they brought on themselves, of course - and that usually seems to help them, but I think the "no real head coach for a year" hurdle is too big to clear. The Bucs? Tough luck with that division, kids.

NFC West

49ers. I don't know that we'll see them in the NFC Championship game again this year, but they'll get to the playoffs, not least of which because their division is TERRIBLE.

NFC Wilcard

Giants and Packers. Who could easily swap for the division with the Eagles and Lions.

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