27 September 2012

2012 Week 4 Picks

First of all, welcome back to the regular refs. Never thought I'd be glad to see them back, but there you have it. All it took was one really high profile HUGE mistake to make the owners see reason. Yeah.

This week, the Giants are coming to the Linc to take on the Eagles in prime time on Sunday Night Football. 

Now, if you look at what happened last week, it seems fairly clear how this is going to end, and it's not pretty for the Eagles. Just in case you were blackout drunk and missed it, the Eagles got stomped out in Phoenix by a team nobody really expected to be any good. And the Giants stomped the Panthers, a team many (including myself) expected to be pretty decent this year, even worse.


This isn't just ANY Sunday Night Football game. This is the game where the Eagles retire Brian Dawkins's number 20. Wolverine is one of the most beloved players in Philadelphia history. Not just Eagles history, Philadelphia history. The Eagles have so far retired only seven numbers in nearly 80 years. The fans are going to be pumped for the game. The team better be, too.

Think Ray Lewis would hire out to do the pre-game pep talk?

I expect it to be another nail-biter. But I cannot - CANNOT - see the Eagles letting this one get away. Not after the gutsy performance I witnessed less than two weeks ago against the Ravens.

Eagles. Do Wolverine proud, boys.

In the other matchups:

Browns at Ravens: The Browns look better this year, but they ain't that much better. Ravens. And have I mentioned how much I dislike Thursday Night Football.

Patriots at Bills: I think the Pats will probably take this one, but I think it's going to be a lot closer than most people expect.

49ers at Jets: I'm picking the 49ers to bounce back from their surprising loss to the Vikings last week. Their D is just too strong, and Mark Sanchez can be pressured into making mistakes.

Seahawks at Rams: The Seahawks are mortal away from CenturyLink Field, and the Rams aren't quite as bad as they looked against the Bears last week. And their at home. And domes provide a pretty major advantage to the home team. Rams.

Panthers at Falcons: Falcons. Oh Cam, I still love you.

Vikings at Lions: Lions. Last week as an aberration for both teams. Trust.

Chargers at Chiefs: I've got the Chiefs. I know, I know. But I don't think the Chargers can slow down their offense - at least not after what I saw last week.

Titans at Texans: Texans. The Titans are no match for them, even if Matt Schaub does only have part of an ear now.

Bengals at Jaguars: The Bengals can score a LOT of points. The Jaguars can't stop, well, anybody. Bengals.

Raiders at Broncos: The Raiders surprised me last week, but I can't see them pulling off another upset. Broncos.

Dolphins at Cardinals: I'm in. Cardinals.

Redskins at Buccaneers: Gotta keep the faith with RGIII even if the Redskins do have pretty much the worst D in the entire league. Redskins.

Saints at Packers: Stick a fork in the Saints. Packers.

Bears at Cowboys: You never know which Jay Cutler is going to show up, but when it's close I HAVE to go against the Cowboys. Bears.

On bye: Steelers and Colts

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