20 September 2012

2012 Week 3 Picks

This week the Eagles travel to Arizona to take on former teammate Kevin Kolb and the Cardinals. The Cardinals, like the Eagles, stand at 2-0, having just shocked the Patriots and most of the football punditry with a two point loss at home. The Eagles, meanwhile, were busy shocking the Ravens with a win after turning the ball over 9 million times (actual figure: 4).

In other words, both of these teams could be in for a let down game.

And the Eagles are struggling to field five offensive linemen.

In the end, I think this will come down to two things: one, the Eagles D is going to make K2 miserable all day, and two, Michael Vick is getting the team to win by sheer force of will. It will be another close game, guaranteed, but I think the Eagles will escape with another narrow win. And I'll have yet another coronary watching it.

Giants at Panthers: Panthers, in my upset pick. They're at home, it was a short week and Eli's gotta still be tired from throwing for 5,634,736 yards Sunday (actual figure: 510 yards, which is still a lot).

Buccaneers at Cowboys: I'm soooo tempted to call the Bucs, but I just can't see the Cowboys dropping their home opener, particularly after laying an egg against the Seahawks last week.

Jaguars at Colts: Colts. I don't necessarily think the Colts are that much better than the Jags, but they are at home.

Bills at Browns: Browns, again at home, and coming off a "most improved" type effort against the Bengals, getting their first win of the season.

Jets at Dolphins: Jets. Who are think are going to be up and down all season, but it's the Dolphins, for chrissakes.

Chiefs at Saints: No way the Saints drop two in a row at the Dome. They'll get their first win this week.

Bengals at Redskins: Look for the Redskins to bounce back from their surprising loss in St. Louis, even without Brian Orakpo. The Bengals, after last year, are looking pretty disappointing so far.

Rams at Bears: Jay Cutler pouted and whined last week, while Sam Bradford led a furious comeback over the Redskins. I think Cutler will pull his head out of his ass and do enough to let Brian Urlacher lead the Bears to victory, thus holding off their pending circular firing squad for one more week.

49er at Vikings: 49ers all the way. Is it too early? Juggernaut.

Lions at Titans: Lions.

Falcons at Chargers: This one could go either way, but I think I'm going to Chargers because a lot of teams have trouble traveling west and because they're at home. But I could easily be wrong.

Steelers at Raiders: Steelers. Man, Raiders, y'all are making me look foolish already. Pull it together! Play some AFC South teams or something!

Texans at Broncos: Texans. Peyton is going to have another bad day, because the Texans' D is for real.

Patriots at Ravens: Some NFL commentators who shall remain nameless (*cough*Rodney Harrison*cough*) were calling the Pats the best team in the league after week 1. It was so fun to watch him eat crow after they lost to the Cards last week. And he'll be getting another big helping this week, because the Ravens are pissed (ha!) and look to take it out on a conference rival that, really, all right thinking teams love to hate.

Packers at Seahawks: I know the Seahawks are tough at home and looked great against the Cowboys last week, but I just can't see them beating the Packers who, while not as dominant as last year, are still a damn good team.

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