12 September 2012

2012 Week 2 Picks

This week, the Eagles host the Ravens in their 2012 Linc home opener. I do not have a good feeling about this. Did you see the Ravens whup up on the Bengals last week? Did you see the Eagles barely squeak by the Browns? If the defense can force Joe Flacco to beat them through the air - but then again, shutting down Trent Richardson is a very different proposition than shutting down Ray Rice. If Michael Vick can remember how to play quarterback - but then again Ed Reed is not going to whiff on all the near picks the Browns secondary blew. If LeSean McCoy can have a big day - but then again, Andy Reid dials up a bunch of run plays in what universe exactly?

Well, let's just say this: I hate calling the Eagles to lose their home opener, but that's exactly what I'm doing.

On the up side, at least I won't be at M&T Bank Stadium getting punched by Ravens fans.

Bears at Packers: Despite how great the Bears looked last week, I can't see the Packers dropping two in a row at home, although the fact that they'll likely be without Greg Jennings makes me a little nervous. Packers.

Buccaneers at Giants: Same as above. Giants.

Raiders at Dolphins: OK, the Raiders let me down last week, but I don't think they'll do it again. Mostly because the Dolphins are really not very good. Raiders.

Texans at Jaguars: Texans all day! Did I mention they're going to win AFC South again this year? Because they are.

Browns at Bengals: The Bengals, despite getting spanked, looked better against the Ravens than the Browns did against the Eagles. Also, their secondary should have a big day against Brandon Weeden. As will all secondaries this year if last week was any indication. Hey, they'll all do well against the Eagles, too, if Mike Vick can't pull it together. I'm willing to call out my team, too.

Chiefs at Bills: The Bills looked pretty sorry against the Jets, but I have to think they can put the Chiefs away at home. Bills.

Saints at Panthers: Both teams disappointed last week. The Saints, even with Sean Payton at the helm, are mortal away from the Superdome. To me, that says Panthers. Go Cam!

Cardinals at Patriots: Patriots. But the Cards fans really shouldn't hold this loss against Kevin Kolb, because, really, not fair.

Vikings at Colts: Can AP have another big week? Well, we're only in week two, but the Colts aren't very good against the run. So I'm going with "yes" and the Vikings.

Redskins at Rams: Redskins. With a two game winning streak, it will be time to cue the Super Bowl talk in DC.

Cowboys at Seahawks: Damn, I hate to say this, but Cowboys. Yes, I just called every team in the NFC East but the Eagles. Is it too late to change my pick for the division? Sigh. Chin up, girlie. No throwing in the towel yet, but I do think it will take a few weeks for the Eagles to pull it together. Again. What exactly is it that these guys do in the offseason?

Jets at Steelers: The Steelers got schooled by the Broncos last week...and I didn't expect the Jets to do well, and then they did...then again, they're at Heinz Field. Whew. Steelers? Jets? Who knows? Going with Steelers and home field, but I'm not convinced.

Titans at Chargers: The Titans have Chris Johnson and...who exactly? Chargers.

Lions at 49ers: This should be a great game. Megatron's iffy and the Niners are at home. I'm going 49ers. Who might be a Super Bowl pick this year. (Here I am, going crazy with the Super Bowl talk already.)

Broncos at Falcons: The Falcons put up 40 points last week. The Broncos shocked the hell out of me by beating the Steelers. The Falcons are pretty good against the pass, though. And again, they're at home. So Falcons. I think. Damn, calling games this early in the season is hard!

(Did I mention that I'm not a fan of starting the Thursday night games already? Or, really, ever? Dear NFL: some of us have lives outside of football, you know!)


Unknown said...

Despite that the Eagles lost the last 3 home openers, I'm feeling to the effect of "3's a charm", Ravens whipped the Bengals, relentlessly, but they weren't playing the Eagles.

This will be an early test of the season, for both teams. What happens this Sunday, won't mean anything down the stretch, late in the season.

What works for both teams, may not work on the other teams. While it's still early in the season, there's always alot of room for improvements, both teams are going to change things, after watching each other's last games.

I couldn't put anything on this game nor the last game, there were no measurements to account for. I'll be able to do it once this game is over, for the next game. It won't matter if Kolb or Skelton will be the starter, the game plan must evolve to changes and not take any one team for granted. It's one game at a time and seizing the moment.

Eagles shouldn't be getting ahead of themselves, just take it one play at a time, fast, decision-making for each personnel. It can play to each of their strengths, where they are weakest, is a matter of knowing them and adjusting them.

No one needs to be pointing at anyone, communication is the key, that was lacking in the first game. Eagles will need to play with a sense of urgency, as if they're playing the last game of the season, to make it meaningful as a team. Usually, they can play with more accuracy and cover any fault, by being on the same page with one another.

Mental errors has a way with certain players, they need to forget it and move on to the next play, consistently, be focus of their own assignments. Cutler lost it and try to hang on, Flacco lost it early on and got it together. It's not late in the season, but it is worst during that time because of high expectations. It's team work, can't be faulting each other, the mistakes is on the whole unit, not individually.

Vick understands he has a tremendous unit, they will carry each other, through thick and thin. Both offense and defense, will also carry each other, as well. I think, together they will play intuitively much better this time around, with better results.

Elizabeth Engel said...

Maka, I sure hope you're right, particularly about that "playing much better this time around" thing!