02 August 2012

Is It Football Yet?

Since I do this on the side and for fun only, I usually basically take the offseason, well, off. But this year has been exceptionally quiet. There is a reason, but what's important now is that the draft is long over, training camp is in its second week, we're a week from the Eagles first pre-season game versus the Steelers, and it's time to brush off the dust and kick my football brain back into gear.

Seeing as I've been pretty out of the loop for the key mini camp months, I'll be watching the pre-season games carefully to see how the Eagles new acquisitions fare, how the guys who stuck around from the shopping spree last year are looking, and whether the team's superstars are ready to lead a deep playoff run for 2012 (the answer to that last one better be "HELL yes!").

I plan to post at least some games notes from the pre-season games I'm able to catch, and OF COURSE I'll post my annual walk-of-shame pre-season picks. Making a fool of myself since 2005 all for you.

For my DC area peeps, things are going to run a little differently for game day this year. Rather than just having an open invitation every week and often not getting a critical mass of people, we're going to choose ONE Sunday/game per month and do actual invitations, so we get a good crowd and can plan accordingly.

The first one will be Sunday, September 30, when the Eagles face the Giants on Sunday Night Football and honor Brian Dawkins by retiring his number. Life-Long Eagles Fan Mom and You-Two-Calm-Down-or-I'm-Turning-Off-the-TV Dad will be in town for the weekend to celebrate Dad's birthday. The menu will feature 100% from scratch enchiladas, and the evening is likely to include a tequila tasting. We'll be open for business starting with the 4 pm game. Mark your calendars now!


ExNavyCheeseHead said...

Can't wait for the season to start and to see my "Sunday Family"!!

rocketman said...
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