06 February 2012

Super Bowl 46 Recap

It's official. Eli Manning is Bill Belichick's kryptonite.

Raise your hand if you had the "safety" square as the first score in your office football pool. Yeah, me neither.

Fortunately, the game got better after that. And it *was* a pretty good game, even if it was between two teams I really did not want to watch again this season.

Leading up to kickoff, I was still thinking that the Pats would win, although after all the "Tom Brady is a god - A GOD!!!" talk on the pre-game shows, I had convinced myself that the Giants winning was the lesser of two evils. Which I guess it still is. Sorta.

If you had told me that the receiver who dropped the key pass would be Wes Welker and the receiver who caught the key pass would be Mario Manningham BEFORE the game, I would've said you were nuts. Just goes to show how much I know.

Obviously Ahmad Bradshaw was supposed to go down on the 1, letting the Giants run the clock down and kick the field goal for the win. But oops - he scored a TD. Normally, leaving Tom Brady with a full  minute would've been a mistake. But the Pats receivers were not sharp in the second half last night, and the Giants hung on for the win.

If Madonna was going to reprise "Like a Prayer" backed by a gospel choir, I gotta point out: what was with all the white people? And what was with the ultra-slo-mo assisted cartwheels? And the giant "WORLD PEACE" at the end of her set? It's a puzzlement.

In the meantime: