03 January 2012

So How'd I Do?

It's time for my annual Walk of Shame post, where I look back at my pre-season playoff predictions and take my licks in public.

Here we go: get your snark ready for the comments.

AFC East

I picked: Jets
Actual winner: Patriots

To be fair, I did say that the Pats would be playoff team, at wildcard, or that they could swap with the Jets for the division. I have no excuse for why I picked the Jets to get anywhere near the playoffs. I wasn't alone, though, so maybe it was a mass hallucination that the team was any good?

AFC North

I picked: Ravens
Actual winner: Ravens

Go me!

AFC South

I picked: Texans
Actual winner: Texans

The Snark is on a roll!

AFC West

I picked: Chargers
Actual winner: Broncos

Three 8-8 teams out there. Ouch.

AFC Wildcard

I picked: Pats and Steelers
Actual winners: Steelers and Bengals

Did ANYONE see the Bengals coming? Anyone? Bueller?

So for the AFC, I'm at .500 on my divisional winner, and I had 4 of the 6 teams called, although not all the positioning was correct. Not bad.

On to the NFC...

NFC East

I had: Eagles
Actual winner: Giants

At least it wasn't the damn Cowboys.

NFC North

I picked: Packers
Actual winner: Packers

Hey! I got one!

NFC South

I picked: Falcons
Actual winner: Saints

Much like in the AFC East, I did have the Saints in the playoffs, and I noted that I thought they could swap with the Falcons. So not totally wrong - but not totally right, either.

NFC West

I picked: Cardinals
Actual winner: 49ers

I though the Kevin Kolb to Fitz hookup was going to be magic. Apparently, I was wrong. Then again, who knew that all Alex Smith needed was a decent coach and a good kicker?

NFC Wildcard

I picked: Saints and Vikings
Actual winners: Falcons and Lions

I did have the Lions as this year's Team of Destiny. They were just moving a little faster than I thought. And what can I say about the Vikings? I guess I have to accept that McNabb really is done. Sad way for a great player to go out. And before you get started, yes, I know he wasn't a perfect player. Then again, no one is, except maybe Aaron Rodgers. But he gave Eagles fans a decade of exciting football, and I've been a fan long enough to appreciate that, even if many haven't.

So how'd I do?  I called a pathetic 1 of 4 divisions right, but I did get 3 of the 6 teams in the hunt correct, although again, with some positioning out of order.

So the total is 7 of the 12 teams I picked made it to the postseason, for an overall record of .583. Ouch. With that percentage, if I were a head coach, I'd fire me.

On weekly picks, I definitely did better. Of the 256 games played in the regular season, I picked 164 correct, for a .640 average.

How'd you do?


rocketman said...
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Anonymous said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one who bought Rex Ryan's line about the Jets and didn't predict the Chargers would fall apart. And don't beat yourself up about the NFC West - I don't think anyone foresaw your Niners hitting it big this year.