23 January 2012

2011 Conference Championships Recap

Patriots over Ravens. Billy Cundiff: C’mon man! I know it's easy to scapegoat the kicker, but this one really was his fault. Missing a 32 yard field goal to tie the AFC Championship game with 11 seconds in regulation is just unacceptable. Guess who'll be kicking for the CFL next year?

Giants over 49ers: Kyle Williams: C’mon man! Special teams can make or break you, and his boneheaded mishandling of the punt and his boneheaded fumble led directly to 10 Giants points, including the field goal that won the game in overtime. But at least he'll have company in the CFL next year.

The Snark? 0-2 this weekend.

At least they were both good games, but I was so sad at the end of both. I really wanted a Ravens/49ers Super Bowl, and I really don’t give a good goddamn about the game now. I’ll be rooting for a natural disaster to swallow up Colts’ stadium.

The Ravens FINALLY swept the Steelers for the first time ever(?) this year, and Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are probably retiring.

Jim Harbaugh managed to effect a remarkable transformation in San Francisco in his rookie year as a head coach. Alex Smith finally started to live up to his promise. And they have my secret kicker boyfriend David Akers (Philadelphians are irrationally attached to the guy). And Vernon Davis doesn’t have a whole lot of years left, ether.

Meanwhile, we'll get to watch another Super Bowl between two totally self-satisfied teams with two of the most annoying fan bases in any pro sports.

But I’m not bitter.


rocketman said...

That Niners' loss was tough, and you're right, I know of no one outside NY and NE that wanted this Super Bowl. Any of the other combinations, even Giants/Ravens, would have been more interesting.

The Niners' offense was as ineffective as their defense was effective. Outside of Davis and Gore, it's pitiful. 0-10 on 3rd downs until one harmless conversion? Inexcusable in a championship game.

But man, that defense is good!

Anonymous said...

The Niners' offense was weak, but that, I think, bodes well for next year, as Alex Smith has another year under his belt with the new coaching team.

And how 'bout that placekicker? :)